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Luckiest provinces and cities in Spain in the Christmas Lottery



Up to 80 times it has fallen the jackpot of the Christmas Lottery in the city of Madrid, which makes it the luckiest in Spain. The last time, last year when a part of the graceful number (26590) It was sold at a Lottery Administration in the capital.

The 80 Gordos de Madrid capital are followed by two other cities that last year also took part of the award. So, Barcelona treasures 42 Fat, while far behind it is located Sevilla with 17. For its part, in Valencia, Bilbao and Zaragoza the award has fallen up to 13 times. In Cádiz has played 12 times, while in Málaga there have been 10. Nine awards have Alicante and Santander.

The last Jackpot prize, that of 2019, was distributed in 11 different municipalities: three of them in the province of Alicante (Alcoy, San Vicente del Raspeig and Moraia), two of Barcelona (Barcelona and Súria), two of Murcia (Beniajan and Las Torres de Cotillas) in addition to the cities of Salamanca, Seville, Salou (Tarragona) and Madrid.

Past year, in 2018, an unusual event occurred: it was the most distributed fat man in history since it fell in 184 different localities, thanks to tenths sold in 248 different administrations. In 126 towns the Gordo played for the first time in history.

In total, since the draw began to take place, 339 municipalities know what it means to win the first prize on December 22.

Luck, by provinces

Again, Madrid It is the province where the first prize of the Christmas Lottery has fallen the most times, with 93 first prizes, in front of Barcelona, ​​with 59. In Madrid, however, the awards are more concentrated in the capital, with 80 Gordos. Its 93 first prizes are distributed among 20 locations; while in the Catalan province, despite having fewer awards, these are distributed among 21 municipalities.

Murcia is, with 20 municipalities, the third province with more different awarded localities. The fourth position, with 17, is shared by Valencia and Las Palmas.

And in relation to the population?

If the localities where the Gordo has played more than once are taken and put in relation to the municipal population data of 2019, it is observed how the city of Madrid stops being the most fortunate. In this case, it would be the municipality of Sort (Lleida) the one with the luckiest inhabitants, since with 2,149 residents, the award has fallen four times (2003, 2004, 2007 and 2017). However, it should be noted that the town attracts thousands of lottery buyers each year because of its name, “Sort”, means luck in Spanish.

Behind the Lleida municipality is El Boñar, in León, where with just 1,832 inhabitants, El Gordo has fallen twice (1988, 2014). Which means that one in every 1000 inhabitants would have been graceful.

The third in the ranking of the lucky municipalities is Belmonte, in Cuenca, where with 1,903 inhabitants, it has also seen luck smile on it twice (1990, 2018). Finally, the case of Casas Ibáñez, in Albacete, a municipality that 4,538 inhabitants, has obtained the Fat one up to three times (2003, 2012, 2018).

The following graph shows the ranking of the twenty municipalities that in relation to their population have turned out to be the most fortunate. To elaborate it, we have taken into account those in which the award has fallen on more than one occasion:

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