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Ludosport, the sport that turns you into a Jedi without having to “travel” to Star Wars

If more than once you have seen yourself slashing the air with the mop, while imitating the buzz of a lightsaber with your mouth, it is time to sign up for a free Ludosport class.

Ludosport it’s a martial art which uses three types of lightsabers to practice simulated combat. an authentic jedi academy which is already present in numerous countries around the world, and in several Spanish cities.

The new Star Wars movies and series by Disney, such as the recently released Andor, have once again triggered interest in Ludosporta sport that uses laser swords (they preferred to call it lightsaber) and maintains the philosophy Jedialthough it is not affiliated with Disney or Lucasfilm.

Ludosport was born a few years ago in Milan, a new martial art based on star wars jedi fightingwhich mixes different disciplines of hand-to-hand fighting with fencing, and are used lightsabers instead of the classic foil.

Ludosport, martial arts with lightsaber to feel like a Jedi

In Spain there are Ludosport academies in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​León, Murcia, Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, Valencia and Guadalajara. They can be found throughout Europe as well as the United States.

East martial art uses three types of weapons. long saber, walking stick (Darth Maul’s two joined swords), and two daggers (short swords, one in each hand).

There are also eight combat styles: from the versatile to the duelist, the unpredictable, the powerful, etc. In this video you can see an example of ludosport combat:

The lightsabers are made with aluminum and polycarbonate, light and flexible materials, which do not hurt on impact. They also carry LED lights and sound. At the academy they lend them to you, but you can build your own, adjusting to certain rules of weight, length, etc. What allows more fantasy is the handle.

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The motto of Ludosport is “One Name One Sky” which refers to the total and absolute absence of any kind of discrimination. It is a 100% inclusive and egalitarian sport from where they promote education and respect. There are no age, fitness or gender limits.

Learning at the Ludosport academy follows the traditional scheme of Asian martial arts, since after all the Jedi of Star Wars are inspired by the Japanese samurai.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

All the Star Wars series on Disney +, ordered according to their score

Rookies start with the title of padawan or apprentice, then they go up to Jedi, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master, and Grand Master. Each degree requires passing an exam. In addition to the sword and gloves, men must wear a shell in combat, and women can wear a chest protector if they wish.

Along with the classes and the combats in the academy there are local, national and international tournaments where you can participate. The combats are to 15 points and different points are obtained depending on the part of the body where the sword hits.

If you are curious, the academies of Ludosportthe martial art with laser swords style of starwarsoffer a free class, so you can try for yourself what it’s all about. You have more information on the Ludosport Spain website.

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