Monday, January 24

Lugo takes oxygen at the expense of a Girona that does not raise its head

A goal in the throes of the match signed by Manu Barreiro, who was a substitute due to ankle discomfort, served the Lugo to inflict another blow (1-0) to the Girona in this initial section of the season that has led the Catalan team to relegation positions.

The forward, a fixture in the eleven of Rubén Albés, who watched the game from the stands due to suspension, broke the equality of the match in the only way that seemed possible, apparently in the previous 85 minutes, in a set piece, that gives air to the people of Lugo and that drowns the people of Girona.

Nerves over the bad start to the season gripped Girona in the first half. Very restrained and withdrawn, the theoretical candidate for promotion who arrived at Anxo Carro in descent, left the ball to Lugo, a facet to which the Galicians are not accustomed, but in which they fulfilled with note until the rest.

Those of Michel they despised the ball in motion but exhibited muscle from a set piece in attack (not so much in defense), as in a corner headed by Bernardo with a great parable that Vieites tapped again from a corner kick.

Rooftop Injury

Lugo, very compact, generated three clear chances between minute 24 and 29, but they did not serve to break the equality. Chris Ramos, first, finished off in a frank position in the area, Carrillo tested Juan Carlos with a header and Hugo Rama culminated with little malice in a counter launched by Gerard Valentín.

Girona, in addition to having a bad time, lost Terrats through injury before the break and resumed the game in the second period with the same power in strategic actions and greater verticality.

After game time, in one of the rapid transitions of the Gironans, Samu Saiz drew a Vaseline that went high.

The match was deliberately disordered, but even in the chaos the goal that unbalanced the clash did not emerge and that came, of course, of strategy, with the success of Manu Barreiro, who hit it with his left after collecting a clearance from the behind Girona in a corner kick.

Data sheet:Lugo (1): Lives; Campabadal, Alende, Ros, Lebedenko (Ricard Sánchez, m.55); Sené, Xavi Torres, Hugo Rama (Manu Barreiro, m.69); Gerard Valentín, Carrillo (Seoane, m.69) and Chris Ramos (Iriome, m.83).

Girona (0): Juan Carlos; Arnau, Juanpe, Bernardo, Jairo (Nahuel Bustos, m.70); Aleix García (Valery, m.70), Terrats (Pol Lozano, m.38), Álex Baena; Samu Saiz (Pablo Moreno, m.80), Stuani (Kebe, m.80) and Borja García.

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Goal: 1-0, M.86: Manu Barreiro.

Referee: Gorostegui Fernández, of the Basque Committee. He showed yellow to Hugo Rama (m.21), Gerard Valentín (m.27) and Lebedenko (m.43), from Lugo; and, from Girona, to Míchel Sánchez (m.34), Jairo (m.55), Samu Saiz (m.68), Pol Lozano (m.80), Kebe (m.92) and Arnau (m.95) .

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