Wednesday, December 8

Luis Enrique: “I give a 9 to this team. To be proud”

Luis Enroque consoles Pedri and Thiago.

Luis Enroque consoles Pedri and Thiago.

Raffaella Carrà’s voice echoed at Wembley before the start of Spain-Italy, two countries that have mourned the death of a singer and universal icon. On the pitch a well-known song sounded, the extension, the third in a row for Luis Enrique’s men and the second penalty shoot-out in a row. And the same song that they both danced at Euro 2008, although the ‘Fiesta‘this time had an opposite outcome.

If 13 years ago it was the Italians who sang ‘What a pain’ this Tuesday at Wembley, the grief was of the Spanish, despite having fallen with honor. As the Wembley PA blared with the ‘Explode my heart Pedri’s did not stop pumping tears, despite the hugs from Luis Enrique, his teammates and rivals like Donnarumma. The talented and precocious 22-year-old goalkeeper and the young Barça pearl are sure to cross paths in many more national team tournaments. Yes la Carrà sang in ‘Pedro’ who had immediately fallen in love with a boy named like thatMany football fans, above all colors and nationalities, have fallen in love with the game and personality of this 18-year-old boy on his first big date with Spain.

Not even Iniesta with 18 years has made a European Championship like this. That many more join Pedri’s bandwagon. You have to know how to live with victory and defeat. I am very proud, “said Luis Enrique.” We have many young players and we have behaved like a team from start to finish. In extra time we would have played half an hour more and they would have gone straight to penalties. I give a 9 to this selection. ”

“It was a shame not to reach the final but it will surely serve for the future,” said Busquets, veteran who valued the work of a young block. The Barça midfielder did not want to clarify if he had played his last game with the Spanish team or if he still had the strength to stretch his gum for another year and a half, until the World Cup in Qatar. «This is not the time to think about myself, but to be sad but also proud and to think in general. We must face the future with a lot of optimism, it doesn’t matter if I am there or not, what matters is the group. There is a year and a half left for the World Cup but this is the path and it will serve as an important experience for the future.

Both Busquets and Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Federation, praised that Spain had dominated a match. “We have made a great European only details have kept us from victory. We had been crossing the desert for nine years and Spain has returned “, highlighted Rubiales. that put in value all the good that had been done and considering that only small details had left Spain out of the final. “We have set a style of play that will last for years. Believing in this philosophy of the game we must be proud of this team,” he said, after explaining that he had embraced Morata. “It could not be, presi.”

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