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‘Luis Miguel, the series’: look at all the details that the first chapter of the third season showed

Diego Boneta poses during the Netflix Luis Miguel Premiere red carpet at Cinemex Antara on April 17, 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico.

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Faithful Netflix viewers were able to enjoy last Thursday the premiere of the third season of ‘Luis Miguel, the series’ on their screens, which was a very interesting episode where fans could know more details regarding the plot that this season will cover and some surprises that will be answered through the chapters.

The third and final season arrives with new characters, and the story continues to unfold in two different eras. In a, Luis Miguel (Diego Boneta) tries to reaffirm his career in the English-speaking markets and meets Mariah (Jade Ewen). In the other, faces new personal and professional challenges that threaten everything for which he has worked during his 30 years of musical career“Says the official synopsis of this third season.

As is well argued in the synopsis, it can be seen that the ‘Sol de México’ will have an affair this season with the American singer Mariah Carey, a character that will be played by fellow singer Jade Ewen and this season we will see in greater detail how was the romance he had with the celebrity, which is considered a one of the most exciting relationships of the time.

This third and final season of ‘Luis Miguel, the series’ begins with the first episode titled ‘Dream’, which enters the audience through time jumps travel, because here we will know a little about the life of Luis Miguel in the 90s and 2017. It is already characteristic that the character played by Diego Boneta uses that joker to alternate between two different times: on the one hand he is in a young era and on the other he recounts his experiences through a more adult stage.

While we could get an idea with the real spectacular, the series shows us the “hero” at the point Lowest in his career, addicted to alcohol, refusing to look at his reality and to remain “old-fashioned” which is, this being the strongest even for those who are not followers of the singer. The glory and brilliance of his career contrast even more sharply right now.

Likewise, in this first episode the love bond that has Luis Miguel with his Russian girlfriend Svetlana, character played by Anastasia Sycheva. Let us remember that this romance is the first in a stable way since the ‘Sol de México’ ended his relationship with Aracely Arámbula in 2013.

At the end of the chapter, you see Luis Miguel present at one of his most iconic concerts of his career dressed as a mariachi and the song ‘La Bikina’ plays in the background. Following that, the character played by Diego Boneta answers a phone call from Mariah Carey. What will happen in the second episode? So far it is just a mystery and we have to wait for it to be released.

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