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Luis Miguel’s followers celebrate his 40 years of career

Luis Miguel.

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With the reason of the 40-year history of Luis Miguel, followers of the stellar Mexican singer flooded the social networks of congratulations and compliments for the so-called “Sun of Mexico”.

“Happy 40 years of experience for the invaluable diamond that is our sun king Luis Miguel, 40 years with you,” said fan Carina Maidana on her Twitter account.

Previous days, fan clubs of the interpreter of “La unconditional” summoned followers from all over the world through social networks to issue a message on Twitter in honor of the Mexican idol, who On January 21, 1982, he made his debut in the music industry with his first album “Un sol”.

At just 12 years old, Luis Miguel began a long journey of successes, scandals and mysteries around his life.

After the commercial release of that first album that same year, the singer debuted on the program ” Siempre en Domingo ” hosted by presenter Raúl Velasco, a space that functioned as a very large platform for emerging artists.

The sweet and childish voice of Luis Miguel showed his first musical skills and began his musical history that would transform over the years and where he has plagued his music with versatility by making songs from musical genres such as ballads, Latin pop, bolero and even ranchero.

Last year, Luis Miguel, 51, became the first Latin artist to exceed 5 billion streams on the Spotify platform, earning him the title of “Mexico’s most listened to artist” on digital platforms. .

His voice has been recognized worldwide and he has toured in more than 22 countries.

In addition, since 2018 a new “fever” began for the singer after the “streaming” platform Netflix brought his life to the screen with “Luis Miguel, the series”, in which, played by Diego Boneta, the brightest and darkest moments of his life.

Recently, two new photographs circulated on social networks in which the singer is casually seen with a new “look”, and quite rejuvenated.

The images caused an impact, since Luis Miguel has been characterized by staying away from the media and leading his life in a very private way, so that the slightest trace of his existence upsets his followers.

In the first image, he is seen posing in a restaurant with a follower and another inside a luxury car agency.

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