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Luis Oliver: “We are going to pay the players everything, Badajoz is not going to descend administratively”

Luis Oliver, during his appearance this Friday at the New Nursery. / JV Arnelas

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The representative of Lanuspe assures that on June 14 the sale will materialize and the project will include Jové as a technician and 1.5 million for the staff

Manuel Garcia

After the arrival of Lanuspe at the end of January, in June, finally, Luis Oliver, at the head of the group that aspires to be the new owner of Badajoz, offered a press conference in which solutions and responses to a situation were expected critical ahead of the June 30 deadline. And it took little time to leave the first headline. “On June 14, Mr. Parra will be history.” He assures that on that day the Sevillian businessman will formalize the signing of the sale contract, the last step for the transfer of the shares of the black and white group. He confirmed what this newspaper had already advanced a few days ago, that the request for permission from penitentiary institutions for the notary to access the Alhaurín de la Torre prison has been requested and approved. In this way, the process would be unblocked and the club would pass into the hands of Lanuspe.

After that, the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders for the configuration of the new board is scheduled to be held on June 23 and the project will be presented for the 2022/23 season. That moment will mark another milestone in the short-term future of the black and white entity. “From there, everything pending will be paid to the players, there will be no administrative descent.

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This is how we told Luis Oliver's press conference

Regarding the planning of the next campaign, it is clear to him, «we are not going to do crazy things. But Badajoz is the Real Madrid of the category and the goal is to move up. From a budget of three million we are going to go to one and a half million for the staff ». On the other hand, the subscriber campaign set it for July 4 and guaranteed that the prices of last year will be maintained. As for who will be in charge of making the signings, he stated that the club will not have a sports director, “I prefer to invest that money in footballers.” He stressed that there will be a reduction in the salaries of those who join with respect to the previous campus. «We are not going to have players of one hundred and something thousand euros, they will be payrolls according to the category, not double that of the one who earns the most, but there will be important players. We follow 2,000 players, everyone wants to come to Badajoz«. Also, he was very explicit about whether he will charge for that feature. »I am not going to put a salary on myself, no manager is going to get paid. Here there is no charge if it is not uploaded«.

Luis Oliver stressed that the idea is to make an exciting project and that «the way to hook people is with exciting signings. Names are going to come that are going to surprise, that would not come if we were not here, with a high level. Under-23 international people with Spain but who will charge 2,000 euros«.

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Regarding the continuity of the squad, he commented that few will remain from last year: “The ideal was for many players to continue, but with the atmosphere that existed… and they did not want to lower their salary, it will not be possible.” He said that the players with a contract can leave if they consider it appropriate and that the captains will leave, arguing that he felt betrayed by them on the Bilbao Athletic day, also alleging salary and sports issues. “We agreed with the players who were going to pay the April payroll on Friday and on Saturday they got down on their knees. If we had known that we would not have paid.” In that sense, he referred to the dismissal of Miguel Núñez. “It’s due to loss of confidence.” Who will continue to lead the locker room will be Isaac Jové. “He is going to renew, he has done a great job, it would be inhumane to do without him.”

Regarding the pre-competition of creditors, he assured that the agreement will be signed in approximately one month and that there is an almost majority agreement to pay 50% of the debt in five years. And he clarified: «The main creditor of the club is us, they owe us more than the players. We don’t even have an accountant, even a pipe kiosk has an accountant. It’s a drama”.

He referred to the Women’s team, anticipating that the first team will be managed by another club in the city, although they will continue to manage the quarry.

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Questioned about whether they have made self-criticism of their performances since they arrived, he was blunt and ironic: «We were probably wrong coming, no one wanted to come, there was a very rough sea in the background, it was quite a drama. We have communicated poorly, but if we dedicate ourselves to counting all the ups and downs… Dupi and Óscar Cano were already there for that».

And, finally, he mentioned the complaints from the 1905 animation grandstand regarding the censorship of the banners and coercion. «We have received insults and threats, we accept criticism, we know that we are in football and we correct errors with the information from networks and the press. But we are not going to accept insults or violence, regarding the rest, we support them to the death, we have the doors of the club open. I am going to meet with the platform and with the animation grandstand whenever they want without any problem.

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