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Luis Rubiales is charged with coercion, threats and prevarication



The Court of First Instance and Instruction number 8 of Majadahonda has admitted for processing the complaint brought by the Association of Women’s Soccer Clubs (ACFF) against Luis Rubiales, President of the Spanish Federation, and Andreu Camps, Secretary General of the RFEF, for alleged crimes of coercion, threats and administrative prevarication. In addition, it has brought the case to the attention of the Special Prosecutor Against Corruption and Organized Crime.

Luis Rubiales has been summoned to testify as an under investigation on April 29 at 12 in the morning. The secretary general of the RFEF will also have to do it, on March 18, and Iñaki Mikeo Etxarri, responsible for women’s football of the federative body, in addition to Pedro Gonzalez, director of the legal area of ​​the RFEF.

In his complaint, the Association of Women’s Soccer Clubs accuses the president of the RFEF of carrying out a “campaign of harassment and harassment” towards the teams that make up the Iberdrola League with the aim of taking over the exploitation of their audiovisual rights. The Women’s Soccer Association denounces that this same coercion mechanism has been used by Rubiales and the RFEF to “try to seize other audiovisual assets such as those corresponding to futsal or soccer competitions in the Second Division B and Third Division.”

In recent years, the objective of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has been to hold the ownership of the audiovisual rights of non-professional competitions, among which is women’s football. However, the Association of Women’s Soccer Clubs (ACFF) announced in March last year the award of the audiovisual rights of the Iberdrola League for the next three seasons to Mediapro, at a rate of 3 million euros per season.

According to the ACFF complaint, Rubiales has tried to make the women’s clubs “breach their contractual obligations assumed, not hesitating to use different and veiled threats, materialized, in addition, in some cases, through the initiation and instruction of different disciplinary proceedings of an unfair and inappropriate nature, used as a means of extortion and, in others, through of the unjustified denial of the concession of subsidies or participation in aid for the development of the sporting activity “.

It is not the first time that women’s football clubs have denounced the actions of Rubiales and the RFEF. In November of last year, the ACFF filed a complaint to the Higher Sports Council due to the “continuous pressure and situations of abuse by the RFEF” suffered both by the clubs and by the Association of Women’s Clubs itself in recent times.

The ACFF then denounced that the behavior of the RFEF was causing a instability in women’s football: “This form of action by the RFEF has been generating a climate of litigation and instability that has hampered the growth of women’s football, just at its peak growth moment, and also resulting in the loss of important economic opportunities by clubs and of the competition itself “.

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