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Lukashenko hints that Poland seeks war with Belarus



It is not the first time that the Belarusian dictator, Alexander Lukashenko, he shakes up the scarecrow of a war between his country, Poland, the Baltic republics and NATO as a whole. He did so repeatedly last year amid the wave of protests launched against him by the opposition for manipulating the results of the presidential elections. Today he used the same language again and warned that, if a fight breaks out, “Russia would be immediately involved in this whirlwind and it is the largest nuclear power. ‘

Fighting migrants with Leopard tanks? Excuse me. You and I, the military themselves, understand what it is like today to wage war against these unfortunate people on the border between Poland and Belarus by launching columns of tanks. It is clear that this is a kind of training or it is outright blackmail, “said Lukashenko in the course of an interview broadcast by Belarusian television with the director of the Russian magazine ‘National Defense’, Igor Korotchenko.

According to the Belarusian president, “taking up arms like this in a modern world, especially in central Europe, is deadly.” Continuing along the line that the one who is causing the current situation of tension on the external border of the European Union is Poland while Belarus, on the contrary, is supposedly trying to lessen the confrontation, Lukashenko said that his country in the current situation must be very cautious.

“We know that if we make a mistake, immediately Russia will be involved in this whirlwind and is the largest nuclear power,” he stressed. And I’m not crazy, I understand perfectly what all this can lead to. We know where our place is, but we are not going to kneel, “he added.

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The largest arrival of migrants

This Monday, the largest group of migrants ever registered so far, according to different estimates, arrived at the border with Poland. could reach four thousand people. The Polish Police and Army barely prevented them from entering their territory using tear gas.

The crowd, made up of young men from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, are still camped in the forest next to the border separation fence, but today they made no new attempt to pass to the other side. And the weather is tightening because, according to weather forecasts, next week the temperature in the area will drop below zero degrees.

Nobody knows then what will happen. If Polish forces manage to contain the passage of migrants, Lukashenko, who continues to claim that Belarus does not have the capacity to restrict the flow because of the sanctions imposed by Brussels, will be in serious trouble and will probably have to return them to their places of origin. . They came by plane from Damascus, Baghdad and Istanbul mainly.

Echo Moscow radio on Monday cited information from observers who argue that it is the Belarusian authorities themselves that are actively promoting the influx of illegal immigrants to be shipped via Belarus to the European Union.

In this context, Lukashenko spoke today by phone with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, who seems to agree with his interlocutor’s way of proceeding by not having reproached him so far for the way in which he uses migrants to extort and destabilize the European Union. According to the respective press services, in the analysis of the situation created on the border between Belarus and Poland by the concentration of migrants, “special attention was devoted to dealing with the deployment of Polish troops along the border of the Unitary State”, name with what Moscow and Minsk call the still unfinished union of Russia and Belarus.

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