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Lula married a sociologist 21 years younger in the middle of the Brazilian electoral campaign

  • The new wife of the former president is Rosângela da Silva, Janja, a 55-year-old sociologist.

  • Lula was married for 43 years to Marisa Leticia Casa, who died in 2017

Olé Olá, Lula la (Let’s go, Lula)”, intoned, this time restrained, the guests. And he refrained from raising his left fist for reasons of protocol. It was not an electoral campaign act with a view to the presidential elections in October. At 76 years, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was greeted with the old slogan of 1989, with which he competed at the polls for the first time, when he gave the “yes” to his new wife. The leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) married the sociologist on Wednesday night Rosangela da Silvabetter known as Janja, 55 years old.

About 150 people, including relatives, politicians and artists accompanied the couple at the ceremony that took place on the outskirts of São Paulo. The wedding could not be removed from the political situation. In fact, one of the most requested by the press before entering the farm was the governor of São Paulo, the conservative Gerald Alckmin, Lula’s current running mate. The former president Dilma Rousseff, Fernando Haddad, who lost the 2018 elections against Jair Bolsonarothe president of the PT, Gleisi Hoffmann, and renowned cultural figures such as Daniela Mercury, Gilberto Gil and Fernando Morais, Lula’s biographer.

Lula was formally proclaimed presidential candidate on May 7. A last survey realizes that he takes him 12 point lead to Bolsonaro. Some analysts do not rule out that the retired captain closes the gap as the voting date approaches, in early October. In fact, the possibility of the extreme right retaining power is no longer completely far-fetched.

The ceremony unfolded under the sign of austerity. The guests had to refrain from using their cell phones. The subject of his marriage has not been alien to the latest proselytizing acts. Lula did not miss the opportunity to remember the condition of being “in love” with her. Before the party, Janja also spoke on social networks. “No one happier than you and me“. Then she showed off on Twitter in her wedding dress. “Love won.” Lula replied: “Today is the day to celebrate our love. May the wind come to bless us and take all evil from us.

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Everything that Lula does or does not do these days is news or the reason for a sustained defamation campaign on social networks by Bolsonarism. The former president had to deny that the party would cost more than 20,000 dollars.

no honeymoon

The former president was married for 43 years to Marisa Leticia House. She died in 2017, when her husband was the subject of a judicial hunt that, the Supreme Court recognized last year, lacked bias. The accusations of corruption carried out by the then judge Sergio Moro took him to a prison in Curitiba. His relationship with Janja became public while he was serving his sentence.

The sociologist joined the PT in her youth. Some Brazilian media maintain that the link between them dates back before. The truth is that his new wife visited him in prison frequently. “I look for words on the keyboard to describe these 500 days (that you have been in prison). Difficult! Your physical absence hurts too much,” she wrote on Twitter. Opportunities were not lacking to declare her “love of her forever” in her virtual world.

The day Lula left the penal unit, Rosangela waited for him at the exit along with PT leaders and sympathizers. And, there, in front of everyone, the newly released man said: “I want to introduce you to someone I have already mentioned, but not everyone knows: my future partner“.

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The couple will not have their honeymoon this time. After a few days off, Lula will plunge back into an electoral dispute not fit for niceties. As October approaches, political tension is growing in Brazil.

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