Friday, December 3

Lula shows his willingness to run for the presidency of Brazil

Lula says he wants to be a candidate and that he will decide "between February and March".

Lula says he wants to be a candidate and that he will decide “between February and March.”

Former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has assured this Saturday in Madrid that he wants to be a candidate to preside over his country again, but has added that he will decide between February and March “because there is a lot to decide.”

Lula, 76, has regained his political rights this year after the Supreme Court of Brazil to annul the two convictions that weighed against him for corruption and for which he spent 580 days in prison.

And in an act of Podemos in Madrid, after a tour of Germany, Belgium and France, he made this announcement, which he has framed in the support of his followers during and after his incarceration.

Until now, the former Brazilian president had limited himself to pointing out that your party would have a candidate and that he would decide it in February or March, but this Saturday he has gone further by expressing his desire to be one, although he has not taken the decision for granted.

“If they transformed me into gold, I would not have a way to pay the gratitude that I have for you, it made me want to be a candidate for the presidency again,” Lula exclaimed on stage next to the former leader of We can Pablo Iglesias, the current general secretary of the party, Ione Belarra, or Enrique Santiago, general secretary of the Communist Party.

“I’m 76 years old, I’m in love, I’m getting married and I should say the following: I have already fought a lot, I should take care of my life, but whoever is born to fight is no longer master of himself, “added the former Brazilian president, who in recent days has met with the Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, the French, Emmanuel Macron, or the former Spanish president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

And he has framed his trip in an attempt to “prove to the Brazilian people that Brazil is loved, that people love Brazil “, in addition to being “convinced” that they can do Brazil. “I cannot do less than what I have already done, if I have to go back and do less, it is better not to go back,” he added.

Regarding the process that led him to be imprisoned for 580 days, he has indicated that as they had “nothing” to attack him they constructed through the media the idea of ​​a “corruption gang” and later convicted him without “evidence” and has indicated that if he turned himself in, it was so that there would not be a photo of him as a “corrupt fugitive.”

“And one day they released me, I went home without an ankle brace, with your head up “, has added.

In addition, he has called for the left to make the fight against inequality In the world, his flag has raised a speech against hunger and in the face of the right’s rejection of immigration, he has pointed out that “poverty is uncomfortable.”

He also advocates fighting for the environmental issue, as an issue that is no longer either of green parties “or of sophisticated middle layers”, but of planet earth, and has also warned about the data industry or digital employment, that can in his opinion generate hostages of industries that are not known.

Before Lula took the floor, Belarra pointed out that the pandemic has shown the fallacies of neoliberalism, has defended a tax reform so that “tell the super-rich that they want to become independent and set up a colony on Mars that they have to pay what they have to.”

The secretary general of Podemos has warned: what happened in Brazil could happen in Spain. “The right and the extreme right only bet on democracy when they win.” And he has accused the PP of breaking the law in order not to renew the judiciary and continue to control it through the back door.

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