Sunday, February 25

Luna Ki talks about her withdrawal from Benidorm Fest: “I’m not ashamed of my art”

Luna Ki, who on Sunday unexpectedly announced his withdrawal of Benidorm festival for the prohibition of the use of autotune in his song ‘I’m going to die’, he defended this Monday that “Eurovision it’s not a contest of vocal skills” and that this tuning technology is “part of the essence” of his theme.

“I could have said an excuse, something related to my health, but as an artist the truth is very important. Above all the truth of my art, of how it is made. I’m not going to be ashamed of it,” he claimed in a recording posted this Monday on YouTube.

The song of Luna Ki, ‘I’m going to die’, with which the new Spanish preselection was presented to choose the candidate in Eurovision 2022 is a pop-rock song with hints of electronic ‘punk’ in which the main voice has been modulated with the robotic effect conferred by the use of autotune.

In his video, Luna Ki He explained that from the beginning of the competition he was informed that, in case of victory in Benidorm festival, perhaps you could not make use of that technology in the european final of Eurovision to be held in Turin on May 14, but that “it was working with Spanish Television on what was necessary to be able to do it”. “I would not have introduced myself if I had known that things were going to be like this“, he pointed out.

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Finally, last Wednesday the ban was confirmed. “The world fell over me“, he said, although he remained silent for several days to weigh how to correctly explain the reasons for his departure days before the start of the event, which remains like this with 13 applicants. “There will be people who will say that I do not know how to sing without autotune. I sincerely believe that Luna sings, and that she sings without ‘autotune‘, but Luna Ki sings with autotune“, he has defended after insisting that its use “is part of the essence of this song, not only as a direct or interpretation tool, but also of the composition, of the concept”.

In that sense, he has pointed out that dispensing with its use would be as if a song “made with an electric guitar was suddenly forced to be taken to an acoustic guitar”. “would lose its strength“, he has insisted on defining himself as an “interpreter” in the broad sense of the term. “Eurovision It’s not a vocal skills contest in principle and that’s why I applied”, he added, before calling for “a change” in the regulations of the European festival so that “in a few years” projects more similar to his could be seen, “more electronics”.

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in your video thanked “the sensitivity and understanding of Spanish Television”, as well as that of his followers and the rest of his companions in Benidorm festival, which precisely should have started this Wednesday with his performance in the first semifinal.

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