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Luna Ki: “What I want to represent with ‘I’m going to die’ is that you can be bad and still get up”

Luna Ki will also choose to represent Spain in Eurovision 2022 in the first edition of the ‘Benidorm Fest’, which will be held in just one month at Palacio de Deportes l’Illa in Alicante. Luna is gaining the support of many Eurofans with ‘I’m going to die’, an alternative rock song that he composed with Allnightproducer (Miguel García Auñón), Vanity Vercetti (Inés Blasco Freire) and Digital Geass (Alejandro Fierro), which, according to The RTVE website tells about “the experience of a painful and dependent love relationship, a love story that makes you feel that life has no meaning without being loved”.

Throughout its first days on the platforms, ‘I’m going to die’ accumulates more than 156,000 listens on Spotify and more than 90,000 reproductions in the videos posted on the official channels of the artist and RTVE on YouTube. YOTELE talks to Luna Ki about her participation in the first edition of the ‘Benidorm Fest’ and her chances of taking the stage in Turin.

-How do you feel being part of the 14 candidates that will participate in the ‘Benidorm Fest 2022’?

-Very happy and very calm too. I come with my song and it just has to be me.

-How are you experiencing all the acceptance that ‘I’m going to die’ is having, the theme with which you also choose to represent Spain in Eurovision 2022?

-I did not expect. I am very happy for the support I have received since then. I really appreciate it.

-Did you think about the ‘Benidorm Fest’ and Eurovision when you did the song?

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-No. That he was chosen, I did not expect it. It is brutal. Yes, it is true that I grew up in a very cultured and cool Cuban family, but without television. Therefore, Spanish television culture was little seen in my house, but, for example, Rodolfo Chikilicuatre played it in my family. It was something that I danced a lot with my grandmothers. I don’t look like him, but I loved what he did. When I made my first single (‘Septiembre’), which was a hit at the time, I was close to him. He told me that he had made music, but that it was also humor. So, suddenly, if they already saw me as a Eurovisic with that stage, now that I am preparing my first album and that I have this strength in my image and music, giving a theme to this festival of my album is something that has not cost me any.

-How do you face this month until it is time to get on stage at the galas of the ‘Benidorm Fest’?

-Well, sleeping little due to nerves, but with a lot of desire because I am learning a lot because every day seems like a year and every day I wear a look.

-Do you have something in mind for the staging of your performance with ‘I’m going to die’ at the ‘Benidorm Fest’?

-There are several things thought but what happens is that you have to see if they fit through the back door because some things seem that some things will not fit. So, we are seeing how we do it. Same with inflatables, but we don’t know.

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-Do you plan, for example, to change your wardrobe in the middle of the performance?

-Changing me in the middle of the performance, no, but having things that can always happen on stage. I even count on improvising on stage.

-Are you coming to the ‘Benidorm Fest’ to mess it up?

-Yes. I think I’m a bit of a punk for this, but that’s cool.

-What is the message you want to send with ‘I’m going to die’?

– Mental illness is something that is happening and what we have to talk about. We all feel bad. Not everything is lollipop. It’s cool that, after a hit like ‘September’ with something so sexual, superfluous and happy, to be able to hit it again with something so dark. I love it. Also, ‘I’m going to die’ isn’t that dark because it lifts you up too. That is what I want to represent: that you can be bad and still get up. We are all sad. It is a song that marks a before and after.

-How do you see the other artists participating in the ‘Benidrom Fest’? How is your relationship?

-It’s level is very high. I adore them. They are all very cool and there is a lot of diversity. I think whoever wins will be very happy and I will be too. Whoever wins. I did not come here to win. I believe that we already have victory by being here with all the people and the media that are supporting us. That is what makes us happy. Who else represents Spain, go to Eurovision. It is done. Be a person screaming with autotune or singing a folklore. Does not matter. We all are here.

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-Have you thought about how you would celebrate your victory at the ‘Benidorm Fest’ if that were the case?

-No. If I win, I faint. If I wanted to win, it would be for LGTBIQ + pride, for my family, for my friends and for all the people who want me to win. For them I want to win, but for me I have won.

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