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Luxury round of 16 in the Champions on the way to the top

  • The Premier reinforces its power with its 4 classified teams, three as leaders and Chelsea as second after their stumble against Zenit.

  • Bayern, Ajax and Liverpool reach the plenary session in a phase with Barça, Sevilla and Dortmund as the main victims.

The first sieve of the Champions was settled. The Barça and Dortmund will be the main absent in a luxury eighth on the way to the grand finale of may 28 at the Gazprom Arena stadium in St. Petersburg. Next Monday will take place the lottery at the UEFA headquarters in Nyón. Next we will know the crosses of the Europa League play-offs, the new Barça scene.

The Prime Minister he reconfirmed his unquestionable hegemony in Europe. A day before closing, its four clubs (Liverpool, Manchester City, United and Chelsea) had already secured their place in the round of 16. There was no leadership poker. Averted it by Ozdoev’s goal for Zenit in the 94th minute of the match against him European champion (3-3), which yielded the lead to the Juventus.

Haller, the ‘top scorer’

The list of leaders is completed with Madrid, Bayern, Lille and Ajax, who signed an impeccable first phase with 18 points out of 18, something that only matched the Liverpool and Bayern. The Bavarian club closed the league with the best balance of the 32 participants: six wins and +19 in goal difference. Little surprise in a team of its tremendous potential. More shocking are the figures of the Dutch bloc, which improved its historical record score in the tournament.

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Van gaal left the mark at 16 points in the 1995-96 season. With Ten witch reached 18, led by Sebastien Haller. The Ivorian striker completed his six-game plenary session on Tuesday by scoring with a goal penalty against Sporting Lisbon.

Cristiano Ronaldo he aspired to sign the same (he already achieved it in 2017), but Ralf rangnick He chose to reserve it as he did not gamble anything on United before him Young Boys (1-1). Haller also finished the first phase as top scorer with 10 goals, one more than Lewandowski. Erling haalandOn the other hand, he will not be in the second round, but he said goodbye with a double against Besiktas. The Norwegian has 23 goals in 20 Champions League games.

Pep’s challenge

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With the classic limitation of not being able to face clubs from the same country or the same group in the round of 16, the draw can lead to stellar knockouts such as a Real Madrid-Paris SG. «The objective is to win the Champions League. I do not know if we are favorites, but I do know that we can compete against everyone “, he valued CarloAncelotti.

There could also be, for example, a City-Athletic. «It is 10 years and I follow myself Moving with this team. This is the way, this is the way! ”Proclaimed a relieved Simeone, who is pursuing his first Champions League. “We had an incredible group stage. I am more than happy with my team, “he said Guardiola, which faces a new challenge. The qualifiers will begin in February with the news that they will no longer have double value the goals scored in the opposite half.

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