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Luz María Doria reveals details of ‘Wake up America on Sunday’: “We are the friends who go into the house to give them hope”

Luz Maria Doria is the executive vice president producer of ‘Despierta América’, inherited the show when she was 14 years old, being the leading program of the mornings of Hispanic television, and In these 10 years that he has led the team, he not only sustained success, but also took it to another level

Lover of challenges and challenges, Luzma, as everyone says, launches ‘Despierta América en Sundays’, hosted by María Antonieta Collins, Jackie Guerrido, Raúl González and in the news Carolina Rosario.

From September 19 at 8/7 AM Central, the author of ‘The Woman of My Dreams’, ‘My Stellar Moment’ and ‘The Art of Not Staying with the Desire’, will seek that for two hours the family is inspired by stories that leave them hope, empower them, return the faith, have fun, be informed, and they become big headline makers.

We are the friends who take care of entering someone’s house to cuddle them, hug them, entertain them, give them hope.”, Says Luz María Doria, in an interview without waste.

Luz María Doria with Jennifer Lopez
Luz María Doria with Jennifer Lopez. Photo: Univision

-New adventure for ´Despierta América´?

Luz Maria Doria: New adventure, I am very excited, we are all very excited about this adventure. We had already done a test last year on Sundays talking about COVID, and it went very well, but nothing happened … When Luis Silberwasser, president of the chain, came in and proposed it to me, I said: “Come on, let’s do it ”.

I didn’t put together something like that many years ago, because I inherited ´Despierta América´, and then, create a child of ´Despierta´, and be with this great group of talents that are: María Antonieta Collins, Raúl Gonzáles, Jackie Guerrido and Carolina Rosario, I am very excited… I had worked with Raúl and María Antonieta, but not with Jackie and Carolina, they are new challenges for me as a producer, it is a program that I am sure will remain in the heart of the family, it is to watch as a family, sleek , in your bed, with the people you love …

-What will this show have?

Luz Maria Doria: The stories will make the protagonists, I am very excited as a journalist to see it, and as a mother, wife and daughter, it is a wonderful opportunity for the family to get together, early, at 8 in the morning, and comment on these stories that will have much more time that the regular ´Despierta América´, and I know they are going to make big headlines.

-Although you let yourself flow, you organize everything in a very precise way. Why do you choose these 4 drivers?

Luz Maria Doria: I am definitely very intuitive, and When we talk about the content we wanted to have on the show, I think we couldn’t have a better foursome than this, why ?: Marie Antoinette is the queen of reporters, she knows how to tell a story, envelops you, is a Storyteller.

Raúl González dreams of telling good stories, and I think that ´Despierta América´, from Monday to Friday, has been its best school, no one knows the DNA of our program better than RaúlIt started there I think 20 years ago.

Carolina Rosario, I admire her very much, she will be in charge of the news because she is a young reporter, who looks for stories and knows how to react.

Jackie Guerrido has always caught my attention because of that passion she has for our audienceIf there is someone who looks like our audience, it is Jackie Guerrido, well even if all the grandmothers want to be like her, I want to be a grandmother like Jackie (laughs) … She is the girl from the Bronx, she knows her land, she gets excited when she counts The history of Hispanics in the United States, makes very good interviews as well, and I think it is also a great opportunity, others for them to grow as reporters and as storytellers.

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'Wake up America on Sunday'
‘Wake up America on Sunday’.

– What is it like to give birth to a successful child?

Luz Maria Doria: It is giving birth to him with the desire to continue serving, it is the first thing … I believe that the success of the almost 25 years of ´Despierta América´ is that it has served the Hispanic communitySo I would like this ´Awake America on Sunday´ to continue fulfilling that mission of serving. It is a great challenge because he is a son of success, but we do not want him to be the same as his father’s success, we want him to have his own success, and that, like babies, have your own personality.

That everything is different, and in fact I have a great team that has nothing to do with the team that I have from Monday to Friday, and I love it because today I was talking to Yvanna Jijena, who is going to be the general producer of this project, and you could see how excited she is. I am giving birth to someone who may be doing it for the first time, and I am very excited to do it with her, I believe that in every beginning there is always a little fearI’m not going to deny you, then that fear makes the responsibility greater. This son of success why not, surpass the teacher, the dad.

-How did you feel, professionally and personally, when they tell you that they have to win the show on Sundays?

Luz María Doria: The first thing I thought was that I’m going to sleep one day less (laughs), that is very clear to me, but to me I love challenges and I love ´Despierta América´ so much, and I know that it is a program that reaches the heart of the public, it is the number one program of Hispanics in the morning, chosen by Hispanics. He’s been number one for 24 years, I am very excited to be part of this new challenge. Maybe another thing I thought was: “Whoops, that’s where Saturday comes from.”

– One of the questions they asked me in the networks is, are we going to have Raúl González from Monday to Friday or will we lose him?

Luz María Doria: Raúl González continues from Monday to FridayDo not doubt that, perhaps there will be some day that he will not be here, because Raúl González needs to rest, but we have not talked about that yet. I love working with people who give themselves 500%, and Raúl González hasn’t told me: “I’m going to rest.”

Luz María Doria, VP Executive Producer of 'Despierta América'
Luz María Doria, VP Executive Producer of ‘Despierta América’. Photo: Univision

– What is it like to be the head of a group and a successful show for 24 years or the ones that touched you?

Luz Maria Doria: First of all, the gratitude is immense, it took me 10 years, I inherited a number one show, I didn’t make it number one… Thanks god we have been able to keep it number one… It is a program that is part of my life as an immigrant, and so I always think that we, the group that makes it, are very similar to the audience.

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I think that the program in 25 years, which will fulfill, had his biggest challenge during the pandemic. Nobody imagined that one day we were all going to leave from home, nobody taught us at the university, nor was it planned, nor did we know how to do it, and it has happened twice now … That makes each day lose fear a little more, and it is understood that on live television anything can happen, and that makes the work much more exciting …

The mere fact of thinking that we are serving so many millions of people in the morning, perhaps alone in their homes, they wake up and that we are only friends … I always tell my colleagues who imagine that they are the friends who are in charge of entering someone’s house to pamper him, to hug him, to entertain him.

I woke up one day being the executive producer, it is a job that I did not look for, and perhaps it is where I have been most happy professionally, I live very grateful for the work I have, it is a great group, it always has the batteries on, it does not care about the Schedule. I have been working in television for 20 years, and I have worked with many talents and I always say that those of ´Despierta América´ are a full stop, they are people who leave their ego out, who are truly committed to their audience, who believes in the philosophy of the program, and that makes everyone, absolutely everyone, from the one who moves a chair, to the director who makes everything happen, we feel that we are enriching our lives, and we are helping to enrich the life of the who sees us.

– How was the Luzma of ten years ago when the gift of ´Despierta América´ and the one of today fell on him?

Luz Maria Doria: Today’s, and maybe you will see who opposes this comment, Today’s is much calmer than 10 years ago, today I make decisions faster than 10 years ago, the fact of producing a live program, 4 hours a day, if you watch it is 20, and it will be 22 a week, that is a great school for life, it makes you make decisions in a faster way. It is a Luzma that values ​​the service of good information much more, 10 years ago I worked in entertainment programs, they were not news, then my dad always wanted me to be a serious journalist and I did it just 10 years ago.

Luz María Doria and Eugenio Derbez
Luz María Doria and Eugenio Derbez. Photo: Univision

-How do you avoid falling into saying: ‘we are successful, we don’t have to worry’?

Luz Maria Doria: I say that we are successful and I say it quickly, because success on television is ephemeral, is today’s rating, and I never believe it … And I say it quickly so that my team is happy and knows that there is a reward for all the effort, but I am aware that all of us who get up in the morning to report are fighting for the rating. That the rating has become more friends with ‘Despierta’ obviously makes me very happy, it makes me much more grateful, but it makes me much more responsible and more creative, it makes me try harder, it is a constant desire to improve ourselves, not to repeat ourselves, to invent new segments, of being very aware of what the audience wants.

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-If you could get into the house, literally, of the viewer, what would you like to tell them that they cannot miss?

Luz Maria Doria: That they are pending of the inspiring stories that we are going to have, maybe a phrase from that story will change a life, it will improve it. I’m going to give you a preview, there is a segment that I love called, ´The best advice they have ever given me´… They are renowned people who tell you, what has been the best advice and why has it served them?… It is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and I did it right now.

Success is composed of a series of formulas that when you share those formulas, because you make that chain much broader. In addition to the stories, because they are going to know different ways of living than yours, but they are going to serve them a lot, I want them to see it as a family, that think that what you are seeing this Sunday morning is done with a lot of love, with a lot of effort, and with the desire that it becomes a headline, and that many people talk about it so that the mission is accomplished.

-In a time where television fights with great monsters such as platforms, social networks, you continue to bet on television, what do you think as a woman who grew up with television?

Luz Maria Doria: I think as long as there is good content, television will be queen, content is king, and that content is our responsibility, of the producers, to create it in a way that adapts to new generations. The good thing about life is that the forms change, but not the funds, my daughter is 25 years old, I am 56 years old, and we both want to be successful, maybe in different ways and we see it differently, but the end is always the same.

I compare it to television, the mission will always be the same even if the format changes, and we have verified it, I think Univision is the best example, because it is the number one network in Spanish in the United States, it is that when there is a good content the viewer knows where to smash.

– What do you say to the public that as of Sunday, September 19, they will have the opportunity of this new window of ‘Despierta América en Domingo’?

Luz Maria Doria: I am going to a phrase that I did not understand until 10 years ago: “God helps those who get up early” … It is better that you join us earlier on Sundays, and be part of it, and write to us and tell us what you want to see in ´Despierta América on Sunday ‘, and we are going to please them.


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