Thursday, September 16

Lydia Valentín retires injured in Tokyo and already looks to Paris 2024

“There is still Lydia valentin for a while “, said this Monday the Spanish weight lifter after retiring without exhausting his attempts in the -87 kg category of the Tokyo Games, for the discomfort in the hip that has been suffering for a long time.

The triple olympic medalist (gold in London 2012, silver in Beijing 2008 and bronze in Rio de Janeiro 2016), who lifted a total of 225 kilos in the test (103 in the snatch – he could not with the 106 – and 122 in his first attempt in two times) , was second in her group after South Korean Kang Yeoun-hee, who lifted 231 kilos (103 and 128).

The second place in his group leaves Valentín ahead in the medal options, in the absence of group A in the next few hours, in which the Chilean María Fernanda Valdés, the Dominican Crismery Santana, the Ecuadorian Tamara Salazar will participate and the Venezuelan Naryury Alexandra Pérez Reveron.

Despite finishing in one of the top positions in her group, the 36-year-old Ponferradina was clear from the outset that those in Tokyo were not her Games.

Miracles, no

“I know myself perfectly and I know how I am technically, how I move the weights days before. I did not train for three days, yesterday I did a little mobility and it has been many years, you know that it cannot be. Milagros, no”, commented the athlete at the end of your test.

Valentin seemed to execute his first two snatches of 100 and 103 kilos with relative ease, but missed the third. In both halves he made his first successful attempt at 122 kg to become the head of the list, but when almost at the end of the session he was going to attempt the 126 kg he chose to withdraw due to discomfort.

“Already at the start I felt that I was not moving my legs, it was even difficult for me to get down, and once I made the first attempt I already saw that it was starting to get complicated. I tried to warm up a little more inside before going out and I already saw that I had enough pain and that I was not going to change much more. So I decided not to go out, “he explained.

Compete undercover

The athlete reported that in recent days she had been having hip problems, which she was dragging from Spain, and that this week she was not even clear if she could compete or not. “They infiltrated me here in the Villa, with how complicated it is, because otherwise I would not have been able to compete,” he said in a mixed zone.

“Now to recover 100%, is what interests me the most,” said Valentín, who is clear that he does not want the end of his sports career to come with the strange professional and Olympic situation to which he has been dragged in Tokyo 2020 .

New category

This was the first time that the Spanish competed in the -87 kg. Her usual category is 76 kilos, but a gastroenteritis left her out of the European Championship and “upset her so much” this year, with changes in the federation that made her feel “super lost” and a change in division that forced her to go up. a lot of weight in a short time, giving him “health problems, obviously.”

The weight lifter also had critical comments for the International Weightlifting Federation, of which she said that “she does what she wants and that is not good for the athlete.”

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“I would have liked to have finished my sports career in the Olympic Games, in my weight class and without all this mess that has happened this last year, with the Olympic cycle so good that I had done since 2017,” said Valentin, who said that look now to Paris 2024.

“In the end I also want to be in the Olympics as I am and in my weight class and give my best, and now I am left with a very strange feeling, and I do not like to leave like that,” he added.

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