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Mac Studio and Studio Display: The Mac Mini on Steroids with the M1 Ultra and an Integrated A13 Chip Pro Monitor

Mac Studio and Studio Display, these are the new devices that Apple has launched today and that are destined to be complements for any table of professional users.

Apple’s Peek performance event has started in style, but few were prepared for the presentation of a Mac Studio that promises to be a beast. And, is that, the rumors pointed to a new iPhone SE and the iPad Air with M1 processor inside as well as the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

The surprise that has come with the Mac Studio is both because of how close the rumors have been and because of everything that it integrates. And, it is that, this new desktop computer that comes with a new processor developed by Apple and besides, it looks a lot like two Mac Minis stacked on top of each other.

Of course, this decision in terms of design is accompanied by a power that had not been seen to date in Apple devices. The culprit of this excessive power is the new M1 Ultra. This processor, so to speak, combines two M1 Max processors in one.

But the Mac Studio has not been the only desktop computer that has been launched throughout today’s event, the new Studio Display has also been made official. This screen is not a simple monitor, in fact, it has an iPhone processor inside it that is meant to manage the webcam and the speakers.

Mac Studio, the compact desktop beast

Mac Studio will be available in two processor configurations, the first with the M1 Max and the second with the M1 Ultra. Of course, at the design level everything remains exactly the same. The first thing is the connections: 4 rear Thunderbolt ports, 10 GB Ethernet port, 2 USB A ports, HDMI, audio input/output, 2 front USB C or Thunderbolt ports and front SD card reader.

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Despite being a compact team, Apple has thought of everything in terms of ventilation. Air will be collected from the bottom of the device and conveyed to the main components before exiting through the radiator grille of the back that has thousands of perforations that make the air flow efficiently.

The price of the new Mac Studio will depend a lot on its configuration and, since it has two processors, the combinations are multiple. What has been seen is that the Mac Studio with M1 Max will start at $1,999, while the Mac Studio with M1 Ultra will start at $3,999. Of course, it will also vary according to storage and RAM.

Studio Display, a smart screen

The Studio Display is Apple’s new screen and, although it looks like a monitor, it is not so much in use. Inside this 27-inch Retina panel with 5K resolution and up to 600 nits of brightness is an iPhone processor. The A13 in particular and that has been integrated to improve the experience with the webcam and speakers.

This camera integrates a 12-megapixel wide-angle sensor that will allow you to make video calls at a more than reasonable resolution. What’s more, For sound, Apple has added six speakers: 2 tweeters and 4 woofers. This speaker combo supports Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio. In addition, it has a Thunberbolt port that offers up to 96 W of power.

The Apple’s Studio Display will hit the market on March 18 and will do so at a price of $ 1,599 in its standard version. And, it is that, during the presentation, those of Apple commented that there were two arms available for this monitor. Of course, the price of these arms is still unknown. We will have to wait to know the prices in euros.

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