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MacBook Pro (2021) with M1 Pro: best price and where to buy it on sale

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Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptop has an M1 Pro processor with ARM architecture. We tell you where you can buy it and which store has the best price.

The price of the new MacBook Pro (2021) with M1 Pro is high, without a doubt, although its features are so good that they surely justify the investment if you are looking for a powerful laptop that will give you many years of service.

We have been able to verify it first-hand in its analysis, which has left us fully satisfied in everything, but especially in power, battery life and screen quality, so the official price of 2,249 euros is actually adjusted.

Nevertheless, It is now possible to buy the 14″ MacBook Pro (2021) on sale, and there are several stores that have reduced the price somewhat. The one that has gone the furthest in this is Amazon Spain, which currently sells it for 1,999 euros.

This new Apple laptop equips the new batch of M1 Pro processors with 10 CPU cores and 16 GPU cores, which provides more speed, lower battery consumption and a more affordable price than the previous model.

The percentage reduction of 11% is not badalthough being such an expensive product that 11% translates into a significant amount of money.

It overcomes an important price barrier and also has free shipping anywhere in Spain, in just 24 hours if you have an Amazon Prime account.

To the price of Amazon we must add that we are talking about a store of total and absolute confidence, something key when, after all, you are going to leave practically 2,000 euros in a product. Warranty matters and Amazon has a deservedly good reputation for responding when there are problems with an order.

Not only that but also you have the option of contracting Apple Care+ during the purchase process, an accident insurance offered by the manufacturer itself (not the store) and that it covers some issues that may arise that are not covered by the standard three-year warranty, such as damage from drops and broken screens.

It is clear then that the best store to buy the new 14″ MacBook Pro 2021 is Amazon, which has the best pricealthough the figures vary rapidly with discounts from other competitors, such as PcComponentes, Media Markt or El Corte Inglés.

It is a computer that has a long way to go, and the fact is that the M1 Pro processor is not only powerful but also maximizes battery life with ARM architecture, a paradigm shift that has put Apple at the forefront of the world of computing for at least two years, when the first M1 chip was released.

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