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Macron and the Elysee, possible sources of spread of Covid-19




Between Monday and last Wednesday, the Elysee Palace could become a focus of national and international spread of Covid-19, through two meals and a dinner for the president Emmanuel Macron with the entire French political elite and a significant representation of European, international diplomacy.

Last Monday, the French president met at a working lunch to Charles Michel, President of the European Council, Angel Gurría, Secretary General of the OECD, and Pedro Sanchez, President of the Spanish Government, on the occasion of the celebration of the LX anniversary of the creation of the OECD.

Throughout the morning of Monday the 14th, the OECD held the commemorative events of its sixtieth anniversary at its headquarters, in the 16th district of Paris.

From left to right, Charles Michel, Emmanuel Macron, Ángel Gurría and Pedro Sánchez, at an event to mark the 60th anniversary of the OECD in Paris
From left to right, Charles Michel, Emmanuel Macron, Ángel Gurría and Pedro Sánchez, at a ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the OECD in Paris – EP

Emmanuel Macron decided to extend the celebration of the OECD events with a relatively restricted meal, at the Elíseo, in which Michel, Gurría and Sánchez participated.

A day later, on Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron once again held a working lunch, at the Elysee, with representatives of all the parliamentary groups present in the National Assembly (AN), of Richard Ferrard, Historical “macronista”, the Jean-Luc Mélenchon, president of La Francia Insoumise (LFI, populist extreme left). Officially, all the strictest health regulations were observed.

Thirty hours later, on Wednesday evening, President Macron met at the Elysee all the political elite of his party, their representatives in the National Assembly, summoned to discuss the preparations for the next regional elections that should be held in June next year.

Officially, lunches and dinners at the Elysee on the occasion of the LX anniversary of the founding of the OECD, were held in compliance with the highest sanitary standards. But … it is evidence that Macron, president and host, was already infected by Covid-19. Or were you the victim of contagion spread by one of your guests?

When, shortly after 10 in the morning on Thursday, the Elysee announced the positive that Emmanuel Macron had given, national and international alarms went off.

Pedro Sánchez, in quarantine

In Paris, Jean Castex, Prime Minister, was subjected to an emergency analysis, immediately placing himself in a situation of almost absolute isolation. Several members of the Government rushed to undergo an emergency test. In the Elysee, isolated, Macron continued his activities “normally”.

In Madrid, Pedro Sánchez was the first to announce his own quarantine. In London, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, positive of the Covid-19 last April, he hastened to send a message of sympathy, wishing for the soon restoration of the French president.

From the rest of the European capitals, from Berlin and Brussels, urgent consultations and messages followed one another, trying to avoid and avoid any type of scaremongering.

The Belgian Prime Minister, Alexander de Croo, announced that he will undergo a preventive quarantine until having the result of a PCR test after coinciding with Macron.

In Paris, Tuesday’s lunch with the senior staff of the parliamentary political groups, and Wednesday’s dinner, with the most influential personalities of the “macronía”, began to be commented on with severity and irony. “Le Monde” speaks of “shock” at the top of the State. Through social networks, the succession of dinner and business lunches received comments between fierce irony (“an irresponsible president”) and contained gravity (“they ask us for self-restraint, but our leaders behave very lightly”).

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