Friday, October 7

Macron’s party loses absolute majority in the National Assembly, according to provisional results

Punishment vote for the French president, Emmanuel Macron. The macronist coalition Together stays away from the absolute majority in the National Assembly —a minimum of 289 seats—, according to the provisional estimate of the results of the second round of the French legislative elections. The alliance of parties related to the centrist leader would come first with a range of between 210 and 250 deputiesbut would lose more than 100 deputies compared to the previous legislature. The setback of the presidential coalition has been propitiated by the good results of the united coalition of the left and from the far-right party Marine Le Pen.

The New Popular Ecological and Social Union (NUPES) becomes the main opposition force, according to the provisional results. This alliance formed by the Unsubmissive France, the Socialist Party, the Greens and the Communists would achieve a fork between 170 and 190 deputies. That is, multiply by three or four the presence of left-wing deputies in Parliament.

Le Pen’s far-right breaks his parliamentary glass ceiling

According to Ipsos estimates, at eight o’clock in the evening, the game of Marine LePen would get an important group in the National Assembly. The far-right formation would become the third force with a range of between 75 and 95 deputies. That is, he would far exceed his record for 35 deputies in 1986 and would achieve a presence of more than 10% of the seats.

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The fourth parliamentary force would be The Republicans (LR, related to the PP in France). After having obtained less than 5% of the votes in the presidential elections in April, the historic formation of the Republican right would have between 60 and 75 seats. In other words, it would have lost half of its representation compared to the previous legislature, in which it was the main opposition force. Despite this fall, the representatives of the Republican right could have a key role in the next National Assembly, before a hypothetical pact with the Macron coalition.

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As happened in the first round, these elections were marked by some very high levels of abstention. Only 46% of the French electorate went to the polls in this second round, which confirms the trend of electoral demobilization of French society. This percentage of 54% of abstentionists is higher than the 52% of the first round.

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