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Madrid advances the vaccination of those under 65 who have passed the virus from six months of waiting to one month




The Community of Madrid will advance the immunization of those under 65 that have passed the Covid-19 six to just one month after overcoming the disease. This has been pointed out by the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, who has indicated in a press conference on the analysis of the epidemiological situation that this measure will affect around 120,000 people.

As Zapatero explained, it is not expected that there will be problems around the summer and he trusts that the number of people who come to him will increase. Zendal Hospital or the Wizink Center to receive the first dose with out PRIVIOUSE appointment. An option that 15,000 locals have already chosen.

The Community estimates that around the third or fourth week of September will be reached 90 percent of the target population -more than 12 years- with a complete guideline, since lack for that milestone manage 1.8 million vaccines and it is at a rate of 400,000 doses every week. There are currently 47 vaccination points. Despite this, Zapatero regretted that one in three Madrid those called for the second dose have asked for a change of appointment, something that he attributes to summer period with a figure that increases to four out of ten in recent days.

Preparations for the new school year

He has also highlighted that he estimates that 95 percent of adolescents from an age between 12 to 15 years with at least one dose when I start the school year from September 6. And he has clarified that this year the return to the classroom will be “more reassuring” than in 2020.

The vice-counselor has indicated that the schools will continue to be monitored, since this year they come into play two new factors those that were not counted last year: vaccination and Delta variant represents 98 percent of cases in the region. For this reason, the separation measures, masks and all the protection rules against the virus that began in 2020 will be maintained in the classes.

What will change are the ratios classes, on the recommendation of the Ministries of Health and Education, will return to pre-pandemic figures, while the Community establishes that it will have a booster 3,000 more teachers.

Vaccination rate

Zapatero has also detailed that 73.9 percent of the target population they are immunized with two doses and 83.3 percent with at least one. The complete guideline covers 98.8 percent of the group of 70-79 years, to more than 90 in those of 50 a 69, and 80.9 percent of those between 40 and 49 years. And those of more than 40 years 92 percent are already covered with two doses.

Serving the youngest, in the stretch of 30 a 39 60.3 percent is already covered, in those from 20 to 29 are 46.6 percent with two doses, and in those who have accessed more recently, those of 12 to 19 years, 14.7 percent already have a complete regimen and 47.7 percent have at least one dose.

About the understood between 12 and 15 years, Zapatero has celebrated that 96,750 first doses have already been inoculated and 11,074 already have the complete schedule, while a total of 117,000 of them have requested the self-appointment.

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