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Madrid and Melilla, at extreme risk of virus transmission




The rise in infections was slight again this Tuesday but remains constant. Some regions of Spain are already at an extreme level of virus transmission, according to the new ‘Covid traffic light’ updated on March 25. This is the case of Madrid and the autonomous city of Melilla, which are already at alert level 4 (very high).

In these regions, the cumulative incidence at fourteen days exceeds the 250 positives per one hundred thousand inhabitants and more than 125 after seven days. In addition, the occupancy rate of ICU beds is high: more than 25 percent, according to data reported this Tuesday by the Ministry of Health.

For a region to be at alert level four, the Coordinated Response Action plan for the Control of Covid-19 Transmission establishes that at least two of these indicators (incidence at fourteen or seven days, positivity rate of the tests, percentage of cases with traceability) and one of these scales (occupation of hospital beds or ICU posts) are at a “very high” level.

The Covid traffic light considers that the epidemiological situation in these circumstances is one of “uncontrolled and sustained community transmission”, which “May exceed the response capabilities of the health system.” Among the measures that he considers that should be evaluated are the perimeter closure and the recommendation to leave the home only for the essentials. In addition to advising the postponement of any type of ceremonies (baptisms, communions, weddings), the closure of the interior of the hotel trade, the suspension of non-professional sports activities, limiting the closing hours of commercial establishments and restricting the capacity on the terraces to 50 percent with only four people per table, among others.

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Seven other communities, in addition to the city of Ceuta, are also at alert level 3 (high risk). This is the case of Navarra, the Basque Country, Aragon, Asturias, Castilla y León, Catalonia and La Rioja. All these regions register a cumulative incidence at fourteen days between 150 and 250 positives per one hundred thousand inhabitants and between 75 and 125 at seven days. In addition, the occupancy rate for ICU beds is high: between 15 and 25 percent.

At this level of risk, it is also recommended to close the interior of bars and restaurants. A measure that Navarra and Castilla y León have already taken in 21 of its municipalities, including five capitals (Burgos, Palencia, Segovia, Soria and Valladolid).

The Ministry of Health has also registered 6,623 new cases of coronavirus, to which we must add 128 deceased. The cumulative incidence continues to rise and reaches 164.71 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, one point more than Monday. The occupancy of beds in the ICU is 19.92 percent and the positivity rate of the tests performed is 6.94 percent.

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