Monday, January 24

Madrid announces legal actions against Tebas and the CVC investment fund

  • The white club raises the pulse with the president of the association of clubs on behalf of the Superliga

  • Barça and Juventus are the great allies of the Madrid president in the cause of pulling forward the new Champions League

The hard pulse they keep The league and the Real Madrid, OR Javier Tebas and Florentino Pérez, on account of the Super league this noon has experienced a new episode. The white club has announced through a statement that it has decided to take legal action, “both civil and criminal”, for the agreement with the investment fund CVC which plans to report 2,700 million to Spanish clubs.

The white board of directors has made the decision to go to the tribunes in a meeting held at 11 in the morning. The defendants are Tebas himself, Javier de Jaime Guijarro, head of the CVC Fund and also the CVC Capital Partners SICAV-FIS fund itself.

Legal actions of all kinds

In the statement it is implied that Madrid, an ally of the Barça and the Juventus In the Super League, he is going all-out against the agreement announced by Tebas last week. “The Board of Directors has also decided to carry out legal actions of all kinds that are deemed appropriate to annul and nullify the possible agreements adopted by the LaLiga Assembly, to be held on August 12, 2021, regarding the agreement between LaLiga and the CVC Fund “, indicates the text.

Thebes has not been daunted and has already responded via Twitter. “The threatening method that FP has been using in private for years is now being transferred to the public sphere. Clubs and institutions have been enduring their threats for years,” he says.

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Florentino met this weekend in Barcelona with Joan Laporta and Agnelli at a restaurant in the city center to discuss the latest events affecting the Super League, such as the agreement with CVC, whereby LaLiga sells 10% of the business of the Spanish football to said investment fund. Barça already positioned themselves against the agreement through an official statement last week.

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