Wednesday, August 4

Madrid does not give for more and gives up in the Champions League against Chelsea

  • Zidane’s team, exhausted, resisted until almost the end alive

  • The atypical management of the team will criticize the French coach

  • Goals from Werner and Mount lead the English to the final against Manchester City

As an honorable warrior from the first years of recorded history, who after countless battles and many victories resists dying in any way other than fighting and standing, the Madrid reached the last minutes of the tie against him Chelsea still alive, but will not be in the Champions final with Justice.

The team of Zidane showed a manifest physical inferiority, and the number and clarity of the occasions that the English team wasted was exaggerated, which clung to its insurmountable defense to win on points, without knocking out Madrid until the last goal of Mount.

Guardiola awaits in the final in Istanbul, on May 29, in front of a Manchester city fearsome that this weekend, Saturday can be Premier League champion against Chelsea itself.

Exhausted team

I already let glimpse Zidane In the previous one, it was time to go with everything, not to save anything and take risks. Thus, the French did not hurt clothes at the time of having an eleven with as much experience and hierarchy as physically caught with pins, with three players just out of injury, and some more on the verge of exhaustion, but with all the names illustrious: from Sergio Ramos to Hazard. Neither of them exhibited their best version, not even a Mendy physically diminished that he did not appear in the rival field.

Another issue was the system. Much had been conjectured about what Zidane would choose, but the Frenchman found one more twist to have the players in the system with three centrals who would be ideal to play with a line of four defenders and three attackers. The trap was Vinicius as right lane, in an unprecedented position for him in which he encountered problems and his contribution in attack, like that of almost everyone except Benzema, was mediocre.

Possession against theft

Zidane’s team began trying to preserve possession, with the idea of ​​developing little by little, gaining meters based on combinations and being protected with the ball. In front was found a Chelsea bet on stealing the ball on which to build quick and lethal attacks. This was how he had a couple of initial attempts, the best being a goal disallowed for offside in a clumsiness of Werner.

The next one the German did not forgive, who only had to finish off on the goal line the rejection of the crossbar to a Vaseline of Havertz over Courtois in a counterattack with clear English superiority after the intervention of an immeasurable Kanté.

Zidane’s team had grown somewhat, with long possessions that kept him protected. Even Benzema, in the play preceding Chelsea’s goal, he had generated the best Madrid chance with a good long shot. As in the first leg, the French striker had a monopoly on Madrid’s danger and, shortly after, he drew a header almost out of nowhere before which Mendy had to intervene again. It seemed like the script for the first leg, but the isolated occasions of Madrid did not enter and there were no more.

The intensity of the pressure from Chelsea did not leave room for much. Madrid had to play permanently with their backs to the rival goal and defensive security was a memory of other days.

After the break, nothing changed from Zidane’s bench. Chelsea accumulated arrivals and chances to have scored, on a header from Havertz to the crossbar, a heads-up that the German failed, another from Kanté, counterattacks, centers to the area … All against a Imperial courtois and Madrid disappeared, without control of the ball, who was with his head under the guillotine. Zidane’s changes did not imply a new system, despite the fact that Valverde and Asensio were the lanes.

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The approach of Zidane and his team management, but the Frenchman has postponed the inevitable more than is reasonable. Madrid was an exhausted team that did not give for more.

Match sheet:



Chelsea Football Club: Mendy (8); Azpilicueta (7), Christensen (6), Thiago Silva (7), Rudiger (8), Chilwell (5); Kanté (8), Jorginho (6); Monte (7), Werner (6), Havertz (7). Technical: Thomas Tuchel (7 years old). Changes: Pulisic (7) from Werner (d. 66), James (sc) from Azpilicueta (d. 87), Ziyech (sc) from Mount (d. 88), Giroud (sc) from Havertz (d. 93).

Real Madrid: Courtois (8); Vinicius (5), Militao (6), Ramos (4), Nacho (5), Mendy (4); Modric (5), Casemiro (5), Kroos (5); Hazard (4), Benzema (6). Technical: Zinedine Zidane (4). Changes: Valverde (5) by Mendy (m. 62), Asensio (4) by Vinicius (m. 62), Rodrygo (5) by Casemiro (m. 75), Mariano (pb) de Hazard (m. 88).

Goals: 1-0 (m. 27) Werner. 2-0 (m. 84) Assembly.

Referee: Daniele Orsato (5), Italian.

Cards: Jorginho (m. 13), Ramos (m. 35), Christensen (m. 38), Nacho (m. 61), Kroos (m. 71), Monte (m. 86), Valverde (m. 90).

Stadium: Stamford Bridge.

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