Tuesday, May 18

Madrid gives life to La Liga at the expense of Atlético

  • Simeone’s team let slip a momentous victory for La Liga in the last minutes

  • A goal from Benzema almost at the end prevents Zidane’s team from being very low on the table

  • Luis Suárez had made the athletic approach good with a goal in the first half

Until minute 87 of the derby, the Athletic He had in his hands a victory that had been worked out with success, a triumph that left the whites with their league options below minimums and those of Simeone launched towards the title, but a goal from Benzema two minutes from the end leaves the options for everyone in La Liga: for an Atlético that continues to lead, for a Madrid that had been seen out of any option and remains five points behind the leadership, and especially for a Barcelona that remains two points behind the head, although the rojiblancos have one less game than they will play this week against Athletic Club.

Simeone’s team won, in the first half, in intensity and determination. He executed his technician’s game plan with precision and did not sentence in the second half because of Courtois’ stops, but he ended up being bullied, suffering before the attack of the final dignity of the whites, in which he arrived, desperate and over the horn, a goal from Benzema that leaves La Liga open.

Good athletic start

Atlético came out bossy to the game, with intense pressure that bothered an off-point Madrid, subjected to a rhythm of play that they could not bear, always with a numerical inferiority in the center of the field. This is how the first goal arrived before the quarter hour of play, with a break in Llorente’s space that ended in a masterful resolution of the hand-to-hand of Luis Suarez, that he scored again after five games.

Madrid did not make an appearance in the game until they managed to chain minutes of ball possession, although the feeling of danger seemed a monopoly of the rojiblancos. The closest that Madrid came to an occasion was a claim for a penalty, due to an involuntary hand by Felipe with his arm in a natural position, which the referee did not indicate after visiting the VAR review screen.

Madrid experienced an improvement after the break, halfway between the necessary reaction of dignity from Zidane’s men and the step back from an Atlético who wanted to run on the counter attack. Thus the things, the best occasions were of those of Simeone, but both Carrasco and Luis Suárez ran into a huge Cuts.

Final madness

On the way to the last quarter of an hour, the game spread, immersed in a transitory madness that did not suit a less pressing Atlético, not very ambitious to seek the sentence.

It may interest you

Simeone’s team tried so hard to put away their clothes that they eventually lost their laundry. Benzema had a very clear chance to draw, but just as before Courtois on the other side of the field, appeared cloud with a double providential intervention to maintain the result. Already almost in the discount, after a genius of the French, he could not do anything and Madrid almost tied in the discount.

Match sheet:



Atlético de Madrid: Oblak (8); Trippier (7), Savic (6), Felipe (5), Hermoso (6); Correa (5), Llorente (8), Koke (7), Lemar (7), Carrasco (7); Luis Suarez (8). Technical: Diego Simeone (6). Changes: Saúl (6) for Lemar (d. 56), Joao Félix (6) for Carrasco (d. 63), Kondogbia (sc) for Correa (d. 81).

Real Madrid: Courtois (8); Lucas Vázquez (4), Nacho (4), Varane (5), Mendy (5); Modric (5), Casemiro (7), Kroos (7); Asensio (4), Benzema (8), Rodrygo (4). Technical: Zinedine Zidane (5). Changes: Valverde (6) by Rodrygo (m. 59), Vinicus (6) by Asensio (m. 59).

Goals: 1-0 (m. 14) Luis Suárez. 1-1 (m. 87) Benzema.


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