Friday, January 15

Madrid guarantees despite the criticism that it can give 24,000 vaccines a week

Antonio Zapatero, Deputy Minister of Public Health and Covid-19 Plan of the Community of Madrid.

Antonio Zapatero, Deputy Minister of Public Health and Covid-19 Plan of the Community of Madrid.

The Madrid Deputy Minister of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, has ensured that the Community has the capacity to provide more than 24,000 vaccines each weekeven more so when Moderna’s vaccine is approved, and it has guaranteed that there is no “logistical or personnel” problem to administer them.

In statements on Antena 3, Zapatero has responded in this way to criticism about the delays in vaccination when asked why Madrid has given 6% of the coronavirus vaccines received so far, just over 3,000.

The deputy counselor has indicated that, after receiving a first batch of 1,200 vaccines, another 48,000 were expected to arrive in the region last Monday, December 28, but due to a logistical problem at the Pfizer headquarters in Belgium, the shipment did not arrive until Tuesday 29 at 1:00 p.m., to which we must add the time necessary to defrost them.

That is why – he has continued – it was not until Wednesday 30 when the doses began to be administered in the residences for the elderly, but since it was holidays on December 31 and January 1, many of these socio-assistance centers asked the Community Wait a few days from Madrid, since many of the elderly were visiting relatives and many workers were on vacation.

The deputy counselor has also explained that Of the 48,750 vaccines that Madrid will receive weekly, only half will be given, since after three weeks a second dose must be given to people already vaccinated. He reiterated that Madrid has the logistical and personnel capacity to administer them.

In addition, he has ensured that the Community could put even more vaccines each week if the Moderna one is approved and in a short time it can also be administered in Spain.

There is no problem vaccinating more citizens, the capacity we have is total “, he insisted.

He has been convinced that when the “first-line” health workers begin to be vaccinated, within three weeks, it will be more agile, because they can be dispensed in occupational prevention departments or in Primary Care centers.

For his part, the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has insisted on the same arguments as Zapatero to explain the slowness in the inoculation of the vaccine and has said that there is no problem of lack of personnel, but if necessary they would go to private centers, with which they have already contacted.

Speaking to TVE, Ruiz Escudero has said that in a pandemic situation, all the necessary resources must be used, both public and private, just as the regional government did at the beginning of the health crisis. AND

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