Wednesday, January 20

Madrid lifts restrictions in 13 health areas this Monday



The World Health Organization (WHO) registered yesterday 566,000 new cases in the last 24 hours, so the total since the beginning of the pandemic amounted to 61.6 million. The deceased amount to 1.44 million, 11,000 of them registered in the last day, a daily rate that is still one of the highest of the whole year. America adds 26.2 million cases, 720,000 deaths, and its graphs in this second wave still do not show a clear decrease. Yes they are in decline, especially in the number of daily infections, the graphs of Europe, with 18.2 million cases and 407,000 deaths.

United States, which touches 13 million cases, remains the most affected country, followed by India with 9.3 million, Brazil with 6.2 million and Russia with 2.2 million. Among the ten countries in the world with the highest absolute numbers of cases are also France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina and Colombia.

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07.40Mexico adds about 200 deaths in the last 24 hoursThe Ministry of Health of Mexico has confirmed another 196 deaths due to Covid-19 and 6,388 new infections, which places the global number of deaths at 105,655, the fourth country in the world in this regard, and that of accumulated cases at 1,107 .071. The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion of the Government of Mexico, Hugo López-Gatell, has detailed in his Twitter account that in addition to these data, the health authorities have registered 1,349,465 negative cases since the detection tests for the new coronavirus, as well as 818,397 people recovered.07.21Hong Kong drops to 78 coronavirus cases after record numbers from previous daysHong Kong authorities have confirmed 78 new cases of coronavirus on Monday, after the city broke record of infections during the weekend, when 115 positives were registered, the highest number since last August. Due to this fourth wave, whose origin would be in a series of dance academies in the city, the Government of the former British colony decided to suspend face-to-face classes from this Wednesday until the end of the Christmas holidays.06.5913 basic areas of Madrid lift their restrictions todayA total of 13 basic health areas (ZBS) of the Community of Madrid will no longer have restrictions on mobility as of this Monday, although they will be extended to the area of ​​Barcelona, ​​located in the municipality of Móstoles, until the next 13 December included. In the areas that will no longer have restrictions, there has been a decrease in incidence of more than 50% and a “marked downward trend” is observed, as explained last Friday by the general director of Public Health of the Community of Madrid, Elena Andradas, and after last week the cumulative incidence threshold for restrictive measures was set at 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

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