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Madrid once again pays tribute to the Balearic Cruise in its street map to the stupor of the left

A sentence of Superior Court of Justice of Madrid of May 2021 not appealed by the municipal government ordered the City Council of the capital return the street to the street in honor of the Francoist warship cruiser Balearic Islands, known for bombing fleeing civilians by road from Malaga to Almeria in 1937, in the middle of the Civil WarCivil War, in a massacre with more than 12,000 civilian deaths known as the Desbandá.

Yesterday, the municipal government chaired by Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida complied with the judicial resolution to the astonishment of the left-wing parties and many citizens, who harshly criticize the fact that the consistory chaired by the People’s Party continues to recover the Francoist nomenclature in the streets of the city after the restitution last summer of the road dedicated to Jose Millan-Astray.

According to information published by, the City Council justifies its agreement in recovering the names of the Franco regime in the obligation imposed by court rulings. They are resolutions of the contentious-administrative jurisdiction that order the street changes to be reversed because, they say, the report of the commission of experts that proposed the modifications did not explain well the nature of exaltation of the coup and Francoist in the terms required by the Historical Memory Law.

In the case of Balearic cruise, the report in question did not mention the Desbandá. And furthermore, reasoned the sentence, It could not be ruled out that the name had been given to the street to honor those who died in its sinking (which also happened during the war, the vast majority of which were Majorcan arrows) or even “to the technical characteristics of the ship”..

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Similarly, in the case of the street Millán-Astray, the trial judge stated that the challenged action lacked sufficient motivation, “without the content of the administrative file unequivocally deducing that Millán-Astray participated in the military uprising, nor did he have any participation in the military actions during the Civil War, nor in the repression of the Dictatorship”.

Ferdinand Mayor, member of the April 14 Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory on the Coast of Granada, an entity that tries to shed light on the bombings of the rebels against the civilian population fleeing the repression in Malaga in 1937, explained last December to Diario de Mallorca that La Desbandá “It started with an operation he led Queipo de Llano to occupy Malaga and the coastal strip to Motril. Was a event full of acts of barbarism by the rebel army and the Italian, incited by the soflames of Queipo de Llano in which He called for raping women and perpetrating the massacre that later occurred”detailed the expert. “On February 7, people fled en masse along the only existing road, the one that linked Malaga with Almería along the coast. The flight lasted until the 12th, and during that time they were attacked by both the rebel fleet and the Italian air force and Between 150,000 and 300,000 people fled, but the number of victims is still unknown.”, assured.

According to Mayor, the cruiser Baleares “formed part of a fleet that also included the cruiser Canarias, the Almirante Cervera and other gunboats”, he detailed. “His role was fundamental in causing the victims that occurred. We know that he bombed the highway between the 4th and the 9th directly on the population that was fleeing. Here the coast is very steep, there is a deep draft and the boats could be located very close. We know that the Baleares fired 600 meters from the road. All the witnesses remember how the Baleares and the Canarias bombed on the road and against the embankments that border it, which caused more fatalities due to falling rocks.”.

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Jesús Jurado, regional secretary of Democratic Memory of the Govern, describes the decision of the Madrid City Council as “democratic involution” to restore the street dedicated to the Balearic cruise. And he writes on his Twitter account: “Today they restore a street to the Balearic cruiser, which bombed and killed thousands of civilians fleeing from Malaga in 1937, the greatest war crime committed in our country. Public spaces free of Francoist exaltation.”

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