Wednesday, November 30

Madrid pharmacies suffer from a shortage of antigen tests

The president of the Official College of Pharmacists of Madrid (COFM), Luis González, has recognized this Friday, Christmas Eve, that it is “very difficult”, although “not impossible”, to find antigen test in pharmacies in the Madrid region.

In statements to Efe, González has indicated that early in the morning in some pharmacies there have been queues to get a test and many have hung up the poster of “We do not have antigen tests, when they arrive we will notify them”, on a day in which many Madrilenians want to take the test to meet calmly with their family and friends.

The Community of Madrid began last Wednesday, the 22nd, to distribute antigen tests to pharmacies for free distribution to locals, which are sold out first thing in the morning in most of the pharmacies in the region.

The regional administration has already distributed to pharmacies 1.1 million antigen tests, to which another 100,000 have been added this Friday and they will continue to be distributed more on Monday the 27th and subsequent days.

According to the president of COFM, Each pharmacy this Friday received between 30 and 35 antigen tests from the Community of Madrid for free distribution, while the usual distributors are also putting units up for sale for private acquisition.

In recent days, there have been “an avalanche” of citizens demanding antigen tests, González has admitted, who has thanked the selfless and altruistic work of the pharmacists who distribute the free tests.

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He has apologized to the citizens who were angry with the pharmacists when they did not have tests, but “the truth is that we were not to blame because when they have arrived we have distributed them, but if we did not have tests, we could not give them “.

“There have been many citizens who were waiting at the door of the pharmacy and when they came to be treated they found that the tests had already been completed “, has pointed out the president of the COFM.

González has said that there are pharmacists who are looking for tests “down to the rocks” and that there are non-habitual dealers who are dedicating themselves to “speculating”, “play with the health of others” and offer tests at a cost of 12 or 14 euros, a situation similar to that experienced with masks in 2020.

The president of the Official College of Pharmacists of Madrid He has advised the people of Madrid not to go to the pharmacies to pick up the free tests neither this Saturday, December 25, nor Sunday 26 because only the pharmacies will be open in the emergency service and those that have requested the extension of the 12 and 24-hour hours, so it will be “very difficult” for them to have a test.

Has shown confidence that Next Monday, December 27, there will be tests in all pharmacies.

On the other hand, This Thursday, 8,031 tests were carried out in the Community of Madrid, with a positivity of 24 percent, to people with symptoms compatible with the virus in the 16 points enabled in public hospitals in the region, according to sources from the Ministry of Health.

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The cumulative incidence at seven days stands at 1,229 cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants and in 1,573 to fourteen days, have specified the same sources.

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