Wednesday, June 29

Madrid pursues another European feat against Chelsea

  • The whites play their way to the final in London, after 1-1 in the first leg

  • Zidane has the team still depleted by the physical problems of the entire course

  • Varane has joined the injured Carvajal and Lucas Vázquez this week

  • Sergio Ramos and Mendy arrive freshly recovered from injuries

The Madrid by Zidane, and all the French’s speeches go along that line, he seeks to close a historical epoch with an epilogue at the height of the above, with another heroism in the form of end of Champions, and perhaps with another title, for a generation that got four European gimps in five years and that, later than predicted, comes to an end in a fight that seemed banned at the beginning of the course.

After an infinity of injuries (more than goals he has scored in the season), Zidane has once again made good his message of work and unity to reach May alive in the two major competitions. Even so, it has in the Chelsea a rival who already handcuffed him for more than half an hour in the first leg and left him alive with 1-1. “We have to create more offensively than in the first leg,” he acknowledged. Kroos in the previous one. In London, those of Zidane will have to go to score, while overcoming the losses in defense, against an opponent whose virtue is not to receive goals. “In a semifinal you have to suffer in the field, we are prepared for that ”, said a convinced Zidane.

Altas de Ramos and Mendy

The last one to drop has been Early, who will be out for at least ten days and will not be the weekend against Sevilla in the momentous game for the League.

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Sergio Ramos and Mendy They have entered their first call after injuries. The Frenchman has been out for just 15 days, but the captain has not played since mid-March. “Ramos is with us and that means that is ready to play “Zidane said. Then, the captain returned from another period of absence, which had him in dry dock since the beginning of the year and did not complete either of the two games with Madrid before being injured again with the national team. Both can be headlines, whether Zidane bets on the system of three centrals or if he returns, as it seems that circumstances push him, to the line of four behind.

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In the same position is the French technician with Faith Valverde, who entered the list on the horn after testing negative for coronavirus, but who has been confined at home for more than 10 days without training with the team. With everything and that, he will have to align part of his Praetorian Guard far from his best physical level, or bet on several unusual in a day of such transcendence. “Everyone is ready, it’s a Champions semi-final … “, said Zidane.

The one who in the end has been able to travel, after having been a substitute exonerated at a polling station in the elections to the Community of Madrid, has been Marcelo.

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