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Madrid raises the number of suspected cases of monkeypox to 40




The Community of Madrid adds 30 confirmed cases by monkeypox PCR test or monkey pox Y another 40 are still under study as suspects, according to the data provided this Sunday by the Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz-Escudero.

Before attending the Graduation of the Medicine, Nursing and Genetics students of the CEU San Pablo University in Boadilla del Monte, the head of Madrid’s Health Department has stressed that work is being done to try to locate the drive chain.

Thus, in the region there have been 70 cases that they would fulfill parameters of this virusof which in 30 cases It has been preliminary confirmed like monkey pox for proof PCRwhile the 40 remainings are at sequencing wait.

All those affected are men who are progressing favorably and are in isolation and the infections, according to the first data, were caused by two chains of transmission, one of them related to a sauna in the capital that has already been closed.

In Spain, at least six Autonomous Communities record ppossible cases of ‘monkeypox’ and in most of them they would be related to the practice of relationships sex between men. «Now the main thing is the fundamental work to locate the traceability of all the cases and from there to obtain the isolates and try to stop the transmission of the virus. Now then, continue and wait for these tests to arrive as soon as possible and try to confirm those who are infected and establish the necessary isolation mechanisms in these cases, ”Ruiz Escudero has specified.

In this sense, it is being studied whether the confirmed cases in the region traveled to the Canary Islands and could have been infected at private parties that were also attended by foreign citizens from countries such as the United Kingdom, where cases of monkeypox have increased in recent days. .

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“It’s what you’re looking for. If v existslink between the two foci; must value dates when did the party take place in the Canary Islands, which is where it seems to start from and also in the Madrid area. Now it is the work of epidemiological surveillance; Wanted what are the linkswhat is the contact and above all establish the traceability to allow to stop now that it is the moment to do it, the transmission of the virus«, has highlighted the counselor.

The Community of Madrid detected the first case of ‘monkeypox’ after the alert from the Ministry of Health last may 17thafter the United Kingdom launched on May 15 a health alert to the
World Health Organization
, according to international health regulations, after detecting the first four cases in Europe. Since then, cases have been reported in countries such as United States, Great Britain, Canada, Belgium, Australia and Portugal.

“This detection occurs at the moment the alarm goes off because no one can think that there can be a case of an eradicated disease,” explained Escudero, who has avoided relating these cases to the practice of ‘chemsex’ in private parties in which sexual intercourse is combined with the use of drugs.

“That is part of the job of professionals sanitary and you have to respect what they are doing and they will draw the conclusions they have to draw“, he has indicated. »Now is the most important time to cut the chains of transmission and have a handle«, has added.

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In this sense, he has indicated that now the work is proactive on the part of the DGeneral Directorate of Public Health to locate the contacts and proceed to their home isolation.

The virus usually causes similar symptoms to those of the smallpoxbut milder, although some cases can be serious. The Ministry of Health has published the protocol for the early detection and management of cases before the smallpox alert where it is established, among the control measures, isolation and medical surveillance for all suspected or confirmed cases caused by this virus.

Thus, for non-hospitalized cases, the patient should be kept “in a room or area separate from other household members until all the lesions have disappeared, especially if the people present extensive lesions or with secretions or respiratory symptoms“, in addition to avoiding physical contact and sexual intercourse. In addition, it recommends that injuries be covered.

To the thread, Health has concluded the use of surgical mask “especially in those with respiratory symptoms.” “If this is not feasible — for example, an infected child — it is recommended that the rest of cohabitants wear a mask“, he clarified.

Neither can the home be left, except for medical attention, and the cohabitants must avoid contact with the case as much as possible and limit visits to essential ones. The Ministry has also demanded a «proper hand hygiene after contact with infected persons« –wash hands with soap and water or use a disinfectant for hands based on alcohol— and avoid contact with wild or domestic animals, for which pets should be excluded from the patient’s environment.

Regarding the cases that require ingress hospital, the patient must be “in negative pressure rooms« or, on the contrary, »in a single room with bathroom included«, and isolation must be maintained until all lesions have disappeared».

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The health personnel who attend the cases or the people who go to the room will enter the isolation with the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) suitable for contact and airborne precautions, in addition to using FFP2 mask.

narrow cases

The Ministry has explained that in the event of any suspicious case, “the search and identification of possible close contacts between both health personnel and andBetween cohabitants, work or socialespecially those csexual contacts«. »The follow-up will not start until the case is confirmed«, he clarified.

These close contacts, according to Health, will be “those people who have been in contact with a confirmed case since the beginning of the communicable periodwhich is considered from the moment of appearance of the first symptoms, which usually precedes the appearance of the rash between one and five days. Thus, it will be made “special emphasis in gathering information about the people who have been able to support sexual intercourse in contexts of risk with the case«.

However, they will not quarantine, although “they must take extreme precautions and reduce social interactions as much as possible by constantly using the mask« and they will not be able to have sexual contacts during the follow-up period.

“If any of the contacts has a fever or any other symptom compatible with the symptoms of the disease, they should do immediate home self-isolationand urgently contact the person in charge of monitoring who will indicate the actions to follow“, explained the Ministry.

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