Thursday, December 2

Madrid registers several suspected cases of the delta plus variant

The Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero.

The Community of Madrid is studying several suspected cases of the new Delta Plus variant, a subtype of the coronavirus that first appeared in the United Kingdom last July and is now widespread among the English population.

In an interview in ‘Onda Madrid’, collected by Europa Press, the Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has advanced that “probably” some of the cases that are under study in the microbiology service with suspicions will be positive.

“Last week the detection model for this variant was incorporated and there are several cases under study and it is being determined by the microbiology service, “he pointed out. In the event that there are positives, it will be announced tomorrow and the relationship between those infected with the United Kingdom will have to be seen to verify the origin of the variant.

Regarding the incidence of the virus, Escudero has pointed out that there is a slight increase in the region but without repercussion at the healthcare level in hospitals. “As measures are being relaxed, there is an increase in infections. The good news is that healthcare continues to decline. That is the best news because it is where the pulse of the coronavirus is measured,” he said.

In Madrid, there is 88.8% of the population with a complete vaccination. In older people, this percentage reaches almost 100%, so the detected increases are not as in the previous waves, according to the counselor. However, this increase must be monitored and the same line of action must be maintained.

The Madrid counselor has also been in favor of inoculating a second dose to people vaccinated with Janssen and finishing the vaccination of people who have only received one vaccine because they have already passed the disease.

“The vaccination strategy is turning its back on those who have passed the disease and they have only received one dose. And now they run into a problem when they have to travel for work or to study. It is the moment of the double because it is possible to be vaccinated with the remainder of vaccines “, has emphasized.

Against decentralization

On the other hand, Escudero has spoken out against the decentralization of the Public Health Center, something of which he has said is “a bad decision“since the Ministry of Health is located in Madrid.

“It is not a decision that will favor control and that mission of coordination and cohesion, especially within what has been experienced in Public Health – due to the pandemic. It is not good news or the most appropriate decision“, has reviewed.

Mask in schools

The Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid has highlighted that the figure of 457,000 vaccinated students, almost 80% of the age group between 12 and 19 years, allows to remove the masks in the recesses of the schools of the region, which supposes “certain congruence” in the decision-making of the regional government in the face of the reproaches of the Ministry of Health.

The Madrid counselor has stressed that it is time to eliminate the masks in the patios due to the current epidemiological situation by vaccination and the behavior of the virus among the student population.

Regarding the criticisms made by the Government, it has indicated that the new reproaches are “a kind of flash back” because Madrid had not been questioned for a long time. “We do not give importance to it when it comes to decisions taken unanimously. After everything we have experienced, it is surprising,” he said.

“The situation in Madrid is not the same as other communities. We thought it was time to do it and we have acted along that line. The situation in Madrid and the behavior of infections at these ages have been assessed with a favorable clinical evolution “, he pointed out.

Autonomy in each center

In this way, there will be autonomy for each center to decide if they want to eliminate the use of masks at recess. “It will depend on the type of exposure in the courtyards, which is one of the most alive points of a school center. It is one more step to achieve that return to normality if we ever reach it one hundred percent but there is still a pandemic”, has reviewed.

Thus, he explained that vaccination in the age range 12 to 19 It has been a turning point regarding the control of infections to make this decision, since 80% of the students are vaccinated.

“There are 457,000 vaccinated and there are hardly about 20,000 unvaccinated within that strip. It is an important figure. With the first dose also above 80%. It is what makes the difference to us with young people and the general population, “he added.

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