Wednesday, December 1

Madrid remains blank and draws against Villarreal

Madrid wanted to take advantage of Atlético’s hit to put more land in between with the defender of the title and a disconcerted Barça after the European bath. But the Madridistas have gone blank for the first time this season and have drawn against Villarreal.

Despite having lost the central couple of the last white decade since Mbappé has not finally arrived, the one chosen for Madrid to dream big again after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ancelotti had signed a beginning of course more than solvent. Solitary leader, without yet knowing defeat thanks mainly to the lucrative limited company that they have formed Benzema (8 goals and 7 league assists) and a reborn Vinicius (5 goals). This Saturday but they have not generated dividends.

Barely ten minutes had passed when Danjouma put Courtois’s state of grace to the test, accepting the challenge with his first stretch of the night. He repelled another shot after Alcácer, disallowed by VArR after Villarreal broke away once again with ease from Madrid’s high pressure.

Madrid’s production was limited to just a long shot from Benzema in the first half, but the Bernabéu knew that the French forward would end up appearing as they had used to in this brilliant start to the season. Unai emery regretted a new missed opportunity, the Bernabéu public demanded a couple of penalties from Punta Gaul and Nacho.

Double yellow chance

Ancelotti put Camavinga in after the break, Madrid moved up a gear and Militao brushed the goal with a header. The white team, by increasing its intensity, seemed to take control of the game, although Danjuma once again forced Courtois to stretch. The Belgian goalkeeper snorted when he saw how Alcácer and Pau Torres were barely able to finish off a double chance.

The white effervescence had dissipated but everyone was waiting for Madrid’s final arreón, although this time it was limited to the fact that, eight minutes from the end, Rulli had to intervene for the first time to disrupt an Isco shot. Courtois recognized that the point was fair although it had a “bitter” taste, more after the white stumble. “If an opponent loses, you want to score three points.” It will be necessary to see if the Barça takes advantage of the Madrid double slip.

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REAL MADRID: Courtois (7); Valverde (5), Militao (6), Alaba (5), Nacho (6); Casemiro (5), Modric (6), Marco Asensio (5); Rodrygo (5), Vinicius (5) and Benzema (6). Technician: Carlo Ancelotti (5). Changes: Camavinga (6) for Rodrygo (m. 46); Hazard (5) by Modric (m.73), Isco (sc) by Marco Asensio (m.81).

VILLARREAL: Rulli (6); Juan Foyth (7), Raúl Albiol (6), Pau Torres (6), Alberto Moreno (6); Pino (6), Capoue (5), Coquelin (5), Dani Parejo (6); Alcácer (5) and Danjuma (7). Technician: Unai Emery (7). Changes: Moulaye Dia (5) for Alcácer (m.58), Moi Gómez (5) for Coquelin (m. 58), Trigueros (sc) for Danjuma (m.84), Mario Gaspar (sc) for Juan Foyth (m .85), Peña (sc) by Pino (m.86).

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