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Madrid restricts access to the Sierra and asks to limit travel in anticipation of snowfall




The Community of Madrid will restrict access to recreational areas and mountain passes, Asch as Navacerrada and Cotos, in anticipation of heavy snowfall and asks to limit travel to those strictly necessary. In this way, the regional government will activate in the next few hours level 1 of the PWinter InclementLANn if the forecasts of the State Meteorological Agency Meett) are maintained, as it has been decided this morning at the meeting of the Advisory Committee of the Territorial Civil Protection Plan Lateralm).

The Weather forecast establishes a snowstorm and the decrease in temperatures that will begin in the south of the Community at 00 hours on January 7. TheMeett warns that on Friday it will snow with more intensity, and that it will be during theLANst hours of the day and at dawn on Saturday when the episode tip.

«Level 1 of the plan entails restricting access to recreational areas Asch as the ports of Cotos and Navacerrada, and the activation of the entire device of the Security and Emergency Agency in coordination with the General Directorate of Roads of the Community of Madrid and the State, the Government delegation and all the Emergency services, as well as the activation of the Municipal Coordinating Center to attend to the needs of the municipalities “, he explains CarloNovellalo, General Director of the Madrid 112 Emergency and Security Agency.

«All this device will not be effective if we do not have the collaboration of aMauri Seeiansans and that they limit travel to what is strictly necessary and equip themselves with the essential material to deal with the snowfall. That is, snow chains, enough food, water and a mobile phone with a charged battery to notify 112 if necessary, “asks the Director of Emergenci The

The Winter Inclement Plan is made up of 1,865 professionals and almost 3,500 volunteers, as well as 732 vehicles and two helicopters, available this year in the event of any eventuality. For its part, Emergencies adds almost 300 troops and 60 more vehicles compared to the previous campaign.

The Department of Transport, Mobility and Infrastructures will also start up 271 personnel, 57 snow plows and two turbo milling machin The Snow plows include a “mini” 4×4 model that can operate more safely on driveways and on low-profile roads. To these are added 16 loaders or backhoes and 91 Asrveillance and management vehicl The In addition, for these days 4,000 tons of salt are prepared that will be replaced as they are con Asmed, they indicate from the area.

«The device has a maximum storage capacity of 5,300 tons, distributed in 29 silos and 13 storage warehouses, as well as 10 brine manufacturing plants with the capacity to generate 135,000 liters of this compou” explainsplains this Transport. Since the beginning of the winter campaign, on November 1, until today they have been con Asmed 3,331 tons of salt and 299,925 liters of brine to keep the roads in safe conditions. In theLANst winter road campaign, 5,270 tons of salt were con Asmed.

As a novelty, this year the weather stations and the Asrveillance cameras of the roads, which allows increasing the efficiency of the device by having more information available in real time. Specifically, six road Asrveillance cameras have been added, reaching 24; and seven weather stations, unt This3.

This protocol for roads, which has been drawn up for the eleventh consecutive year, establishes the priorities for action based on alerts, which serves as a basis for the region’s city councils to coordinate actions to be carried out in each case. Priority is given to acting on roads with high traffic density, access to hospitals and health centers, to urban population centers, as well as to other points of special impor Seece.

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