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Madrid says that almost 70% of those summoned reject AstraZeneca

Vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine at the Isabel Zendal Emergency Hospital in Madrid.

Vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine at the Isabel Zendal Emergency Hospital in Madrid.

Predictably, the verdict of the European Medicines Agency on the “possible links” between vaccination with AstraZeneca and the rare cases of blood clots notified, has increased the distrust towards this vaccine. A situation that also contributes to the fact that the EU has not adopted a single administrative criterion and Spain has changed the plan on several occasions: first it was intended for essential workers under 55 years of age, then it was extended to the entire population between 60 and 65 years of age, and now it has been decided to limit its use to people between 60 and 69 years of age.

Although there are no national data on whether mistrust has resulted in cancellations appointment, the Deputy Minister of Public Health and Covid-19 Plan, Antonio Zapatero, stated this Friday that “around 60% or 70%” of the people summoned to be vaccinated for AstraZeneca in the Community of Madrid has canceled his appointment in the last two days, after on Wednesday night the Interterritorial Health Council prohibited his administration in under 60 years old, Because thrombi have occurred mostly in younger people. And before that date the cancellations were around “2% or 3%” in the Madrid’s community, according to Zapatero.


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This is a clear decrease that may be due to fear that many citizens feel about the possibility, although it is very small, of suffering a serious thrombosis after being vaccinated. In fact, a recent YouGov database survey shows that the number of people who think this vaccine is unsafe has increased from 25% to 52% in one month.

Although, the Madrid deputy councilor has not mentioned this mistrust but, in the middle of the pre-campaign and in line with the confrontation that Ayuso has been with the central government for months, has blamed the annulments on the “cortege of confusion” created by the Ministry of Health with the changes of criteria on the vaccine.

“The priority is to vaccinate with the three vaccines but on whether doubts arise about their side effects and on top of that a campaign of downright bad communication, what we have achieved are cancellations “, he pointed out in the weekly press conference on the epidemiological situation in the community.


Madrid was the only autonomy that voted against suspending its use in people under 60 years of age, arguing that the EMA has indicated that the benefits are more than the risks and has not asked to limit the antigen to any age group. In Zapatero’s opinion, restricting its use to people aged 60 to 69 in Spain does not follow any “technical criteria.”

For this reason, he has been in favor of putting second dose to people already vaccinated with AstraZeneca, recalling that in the United Kingdom, with five million people vaccinated with the full regimen, no thrombus has occurred due to the second administration of the serum.

While the Ministry of Health You have not yet decided what to do with these people, whether you can give them a dose of another vaccine, give them AstraZeneca again, or limit their immunization to one shot.


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