Saturday, October 16

Madrid says that Raphael’s recital “did not generate more risk than a commercial area”

Raphael, during the concert.

Raphael, during the concert.

The Community of Madrid has insisted on Monday that Raphael’s concert that brought together 5,000 people this weekend at the Wizink Center complied with the security measures and stressed that the event “did not generate a greater risk than that which may exist in a commercial area “.

This was stated in an interview on ‘Antena 3’, collected by Europa Press, the Minister of Justice, Interior and Victims of the Community of Madrid, Enrique López, when asked about the controversy generated by the artist’s performance at one point in which infections are on the rise in the region.

In this regard, López has stressed that Concerts of this type may be allowed “as long as the capacity is below 30 percent, people are seated with masks prohibiting eating and drinking, and with a permanently recycled air “.

No greater risk was generated than in a commercial areal where people roam. In the Community of Madrid we are very clear that objective decisions are made by the health authorities who are doctors and analyze the risk. I insist that there are serious and responsible people behind for whom public health comes first“, has underlined.

Likewise, he has pointed out that the concert cannot be compared to a family meal since it is about “events that do not have a homogeneity”, given that when you go to dinner the mask is removed and you talk less than a meter while at the concert from Raphael “everyone was sitting with a mask”.

We cannot compare because we will come to the wrong conclusions. The images give a true image of reality. Do not confuse with or without a mask and everyone sitting, which does not happen in a shopping center, “he stressed.

For this reason, he insisted that one must be rational “and seek rationality in all decisions” in order to be accurate and not make decisions “for fear of what they will say or because of popular pressure.” “We must continue to live and carry out activities protecting health in conditions that ensure the safeguarding of public health“, has said.


Regarding the 17 Christmas plans in CCAA, López hhas criticized that the central government has “a drift” in certain matters and hides behind the autonomous communities while to decide whether to suspend flights from London due to the new strain of Covid-19, it “relies on a consensus with the EU.”

“We have to make decisions and we are under a state of alarm that supposes a very strong restriction of competence regardless of the fact that the delegated authority is the presidents of the CCAA. And indeed the degree of coordination of the Government should be higher considering that we are under a state of of alarm “, has indicated.

He then recalled that the fact that today PCR flights from London and other risky destinations are being carried out has been thanks to “pressure” from the regional government and its president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who “requested it for months” .

Today it gives Spain greater peace of mind because this PCR is requiredThis is not the case in other countries that have already banned flights from London, “he indicated.

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