Tuesday, June 15

Madrid will put the second dose of AstraZeneca pending if it does not receive instructions from the central government




Madrid is not going to wait any longer: it is willing to put the second dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine that have pending 140,000 people under 55 years of groups such as police and teachers. The president-elect, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has advanced that they will not continue to wait for a response from the Ministry of Health on this issue and will put the second doses before the passage of time makes the first ones lose effectiveness.

The second dose will be administered «on a voluntary basis and informed consent»Of the people who receive them, they informed the Ministry of Health. These belong to groups that had already received the first and are now meeting the deadline for the second. without the Ministry of Health having resolved on the difference of criteria around this vaccine.

Díaz Ayuso has criticized the “normative nonsense” in which the autonomous communities are plunged after the state of alarm waned, and has asked the central government for legislation on pandemics that he has been demanding for months.

Investigation commission

In addition, in his first appearance after the elections, he has announced that he will request through the popular parliamentary group the launch of an investigation commission on the measures that have been taken in Barajas airport to stop Covid infections.

In this sense, he recalled that according to Public Health data, 731 symptomatic imported cases have entered this aerodrome and there are another 2,900 asymptomatic. Díaz Ayuso has protested the central government’s lack of transparency in this field, despite requests for information that have been made to them.

He has also denounced the criticism that “both the government delegate in Madrid and the government ministers” have made in recent days, after the crowds of citizens celebrating at dawn the end of the curfew without complying with the Covid protocols. «I ask that you stop criminalizing Madrid society, summarizing it in cañas, bulls and drunkenness»When these situations have occurred throughout Spain.

Holding Madrid responsible for the fact that the United Kingdom does not include Spain among the countries to visit without quarantine is “a lack of respect,” said Díaz Ayuso

Ayuso understands that these comments – such as that of Minister González Laya, blaming Madrid for the fact that the United Kingdom does not include Spain among the countries that can be visited without quarantine – are “a lack of respect; Madrid society is much more than all that. He also recalled that “the first thing English tourists do is step on an airport on which there is an absolute void in terms of information and the work that is being done to stop the pandemic.”

The Government of Spain, he insisted, “has a lot to do before continuing to mix party and government. It is something unheard of the fact that the ministers, one by one, continue to point out and criminalize Madrid society. He believes that “it is used in a derogatory manner against a thriving working society that pays a lot of taxes, which has had two very difficult years. If it is reduced to the Community of Madrid in bulls and canesWell, we’re doing badly, being the leading economy in Spain and one of the most important cultural economies in the world. In his opinion, this is due to a “lack of acceptance of the result of the ballot box” on 4-M.

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