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Madrid’s left reinvents itself to curb Ayuso’s power

Something is moving in the Madrid left two years after a regional election in which Isabel Diaz Ayuso has set its goal in the absolute majority. Nineteen months in which More Madrid, PSOE and United we can they have to look for the strategy that allows them to stop the hegemony of the conservatives in the region. It is not easy, because the current dispersion of the leftist formations is going to join the platform that Yolanda Diaz He has announced that he will try to train for the general elections.

The first party to move has been the PSOE, the political force most interested in reorganizing itself, after the massive defeat it suffered on May 4. The

Primary elections left a new leader: the former mayor of Soto del Real and deputy spokesman in the regional Assembly, Juan Lobato. A profile social democrat, in the line that Pedro Sánchez marked in the last national congress. Militancy gave him a bulky victory in front of the other candidate, Javier Ayala, mayor of Fuenlabrada, situated further to the left than Lobato.

Cub Scout, Social Democrat

Moderation, transversality and a party prepared to capture the majority are the main lines of work that Lobato pointed out in his first statements. A strategy that takes him away from United We can that, in the last electoral campaign, with Pablo Iglesias as head of the list, he failed with a staging marked by aggressiveness.

But the PSOE can be trapped in the clamp which represents, on the one hand, Más Madrid, and, on the other, Yolanda Díaz’s platform, which can angels to United We Can. The PSOE plays down the importance of this movement, as they point out to ABC: «We are not concerned about anything, on the contrary, it is good to organize the space that has its roots in Podemos, different from ours. There is Más Madrid, Podemos, a social space that deserves to be represented. There is no problem. Our space is another ».

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Socialists insist that your profile he is “a social democrat, from a ruling party.” «That other political spectrum, which has its roots in Podemos, in the PCE and in the United Left, that they reorganize and have their space. Right now they have a bit of a mess, between each other. As they did with Izquierda Unida at the time, if they now make this platform, it is good for them. Our part is different, the majority of social progress that exists in Spain and Madrid ”, they underline.

Recover votes

The socialists have as a challenge get back the vote that they went to the PP and More Madrid, who took away the leadership of the opposition. The bag of support that Ayuso scratched could be easier to recover if they approach the social democracy, but the damage that Mónica García did is a greater challenge.

All eyes are on the course that Mónica García will take, her position before the left-wing platform of Yolanda Diaz. The alarms have jumped when it has been known that the leader of the Madrid opposition will participate together with Díaz and Mónica Oltra in a feminist act in Valencia. Critics of Más Madrid point out that García will announce his alignment with Díaz after this event. The leader of Más Madrid assured ABC that her presence in this act has nothing to do with a close up to the vice president. And from the surroundings of Díaz the same sense is insisted: “Yolanda attends the acts that invite her.” “The second vice president has not spoken with Monica, we have not met with her, although there is an excellent relationship,” they warn.

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“We are not afraid”

That they will speak in the future, nobody denies it. From More Madrid They admit it: “We are open to talking to everyone, to talking with political forces with whom we share many things.” But, they say, as long as “the sovereignty of the organization is respected.” «We do not contemplate other scenarios. More Madrid, under no circumstances, is going to jeopardize its independence as an autonomous and Madrid organization, “they insist.

The degree of collaboration that there may be in the future is anyone’s guess, but what they want is to “normalize” the photo of Monica Garcia with Yolanda Díaz. “We have no fear of participating in acts with people from other political forces with whom we have to understand in some way,” they specify.

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