Thursday, August 5

Madrid’s placid triumph against a decayed Valencia

There was a time when every visit from the Valencia to Madrid it was a headache for whites. It’s not like that. Zidane’s team managed to enjoy one of the most placid days in recent times, dominated the game with sufficiency and scored two goals in the first half that knocked down a Valencia that could not propose a rhythm and intensity that could not were more like a workout.

Thus, Madrid achieved the third league victory in a row without making any extra effort against an inoperative Valencia. He did not need to score more goals than those of Benzema and Kroos to reach the final stretch calmly and continue in pursuit of a lead that is five points away, although with two more games than Atlético.

Early goal

Faced with the bet on the defensive retreat that Valencia put in contention in Valdebebas, Madrid’s initial dominance crystallized into a goal very soon thanks to the second dangerous shot from outside the area. A circulation guided by Kroos generated an advantage at the edge of the area that he took advantage of Benzema to score with a large coiled shot.

Valencia did not know, or could not, improve their position on the pitch, sheltering in an intensive withdrawal unable to interrupt the placid Madrid combinations. With a game speed more typical of a summer preseason game, Modric, Kroos, Benzema and Asensio enjoyed with the ball at their feet as in a Thursday training session, without pressure from a failing opponent.

Valencia was, despite the anger of Gayà with everyone, lacking change of pace, defeated, as if he had no faith in being able to bother Madrid.

Comfortable game

With so much comfort, Madrid played and played, unopposed to the front of the Valencian area, that the arrival of the second goal seemed inevitable. He did not even need to generate many chances, he just kept chaining passes until he left an advantage Kroos which he scored again with another good shot.

On the way to game time, Valencia had begun to show some offensive interest. But he did not get much more than to occupy the rival field and provide Madrid with spaces for the counterattack that he could exploit more than he did. The closest he came to the third goal was an expedition to the attack of Mendy which ended in a goal disallowed three minutes later after the intervention of the VAR. There was nothing else.

It may interest you

In the chapter of problems for whites, Zidane continues to accumulate casualties. Before half an hour he was injured again Carvajal, one of those who had recovered for the game just recovered from another muscle problem.

Match sheet:



Real Madrid: Courtois (6); Carvajal (6), Varane (6), Nacho (7), Mendy (6); Modric (8), Casemiro (7), Kroos (8); Asensio (7), Benzema (8), Vinicius (5). Technical: Zinedine Zidane (7). Changes: Lucas Vázquez (6) for Carvajal (m. 28), Arribas (6) for Asensio (m. 70), Mariano (5) for Benzema (m. 78), Isco (5) for (m. 78).

Valencia CF: Doménech (5); Thierry Correa (6), Paulista (4), Hierro (4), Gayà (5); Guedes (3), Wass (4), Racic (6), Soler (5); Manu Vallejo (5), Maxi Gómez (4). Technical: Javier Gracia (5). Changes: Musah (4) by Guedes (m. 45), Gameiro (5) by Manu Vallejo (m. 45), Kan In Lee (5) by Wass (63), Oliva (5) by Soler (m. 63), Cutrone (sc) by Maxi Gómez (m. 82).

Goals: 1-0 (m. 11) Benzema. 2-0 (m. 40) Kroos.

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