Sunday, October 2

Madurismo suffers a strong symbolic defeat after losing the cradle of Hugo Chávez at the polls

Madurismo bit the dust of electoral defeat in the state of Barinas, the cradle of Hugo Chavez and a kind of family fiefdom since he came to power, more than two decades ago. Despite the substantial resources that the State used to support the candidacy of Jorge Arreaza, a former minister of Chávez and of Chávez himself Mature, in addition to being the husband of one of the daughters of the late Bolivarian, the Social Democrat Sergio Garrido put an end to the dominance of the Bolivarian’s surname with 55% of the votes. “The (opposition) unit won. We want to add the greatest amount of wills to build and help overcome the obstacles and problems that we suffer in Barinas,” he said.

President Nicolas Maduro He had tried without luck to convince the inhabitants of that region located 500 kilometers from Caracas of all that was at stake. “We are going to win with the immortal spirit of Commander Chávez!” He said. They didn’t pay much attention to him. Thus, the government tried the same medicine in two months. During the regional elections of November 21, the opposition had been imposed in Barinas as a kind of exception to the general rule of that contest where 20 states were left in the hands of the Unified Socialist Party (PSUV). But the electoral justice annulled the triumph of Freddy Superlano considering that he was unable to compete. Superlano had defeated none other than Argenis Chavez, brother of the ex-president, who He did not want to participate in the elections again, perhaps sensing the result.

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The election was repeated again and the antimadurismo proclaimed victory again. The electoral authorities took longer than necessary to announce the winner despite the recognition of Barraza himself. “Barinas dear. The information we receive from our PSUV structures indicates that, although we increased in voting, we have not achieved the goal. I heartily thank our heroic militancy. We will continue to protect the Barinese people from all spaces “. Barreaza reaped 41% of the accessions.

Superlano, who belongs to Voluntad Popular (VP), the party of the former legislator Juan Guaidó, still self-proclaimed “president in charge” of Venezuela, he was one of the first to celebrate the triumph. “Today the Barinese not only faced the PSUV but the entire state.”

National impact

“It was not worth populism, official mobilization, military displacement, institutional control or virulent attacks against those who wanted to vote. The vote of more than half of the people of Barcelona killed several birds with one stone “said the analyst Luis Vicente Leon. Although the results of this Sunday do not alter the general political map, they are, according to León, “a great lesson on the power of the vote to press changes, even when electoral conditions are disadvantageous. “On November 21, the opposition favored the victory of Madurismo by lacking a common strategy.” Having had all political forces and institutional opposition leaders dumped in Barinas supporting his candidate allowed to channel the anger and produce a triumph with a fundamental symbolism “Leon pointed out in this regard. In this sense, the most radical sectors of anti-riotism that do not trust the electoral struggle were also defeated. It will soon be known to what extent the opposition draws lessons from what happened at the polls and how it defines its roadmap. For months the negotiations with the government that were carried out in Mexico with the sponsorship of the hosts and Norway with the purpose of resolving the political conflict that has plunged Venezuela into an unprecedented crisis.

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“We all have to continue working so that the change that was expressed today in Barinas finish consolidating throughout our country “said the former presidential candidate, Henrique Capriles.

Guaidó, who has been reluctant to participate in the November regional elections and is increasingly weakened on the domestic front, beyond US support, this time celebrated Garrido’s triumph as his own. “Where it started ends“he said in relation to Barinas, Chávez’s native region. “The dictatorship lost and we are not just talking about one result.”

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