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Maduro acknowledges that he met with a CIA delegate


“It was a secret meeting, but they got the plane out, and then they got the news out,” he said.

Maduro acknowledges that he interviewed
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“In these days someone came from the CIA to see me, you knew, right? I’m not going to tell you what I talked to him about, they were the ones who got the news. It was a secret meeting, but they took the plane, and then they got the news, “he acknowledged. Nicols Maduro tonight (early morning in Espaa), during his usual television speeches.

The American agency Associated Press I found out last week that Roger Carstens, presidential envoy and chief negotiator for hostage matters, was in Caracas between Tuesday and Friday of last week. The US Embassy in Caracas has been closed since March 2019, two months after the government of Donald Trump recognize Juan Guaid as president in charge of the country.

“They don’t have a word, they say we’re going to have a secret meeting. We do it and they get it out. James Story (former ambassador in Caracas) took the photos and the story, as I point out. He’s a mean guy, a bad guy who hates Venezuela”, argued the “people president”, very angry with the leak of the news of his first face to face with an official of Washington in more than two years.

The objective of Carstens It was to know first-hand what is the situation of the six Venezuelans who also have American nationality, former directors of Citgo, subsidiary of Petroleum of Venezuela in United States. Chavismo decided to imprison them again (they were under house arrest) after their extradition in October to Miami of the Colombian magnate Alex Saab, main figurehead of Mature according to the old Venezuelan prosecutor. All of them were arrested in retaliation after the events of 2019.

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The full weight of Bolivarian justice fell on the six executives, which condemned them in one of the usual remote-controlled trials from power, with delays and irregularities. Their sentences, after Maduro accused them of treason, range from 8 to 13 years.

A strategy previously used with Joshua Holt, the Utah Mormon married to a Venezuelan who was accused of being a spy for the CIA and could not even speak Spanish. Chavismo kept him imprisoned for two years in the sinister prison of Helicoide, one of the headquarters of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin).

Two other Americans who remain in Maduro’s dungeons are the mercenaries Airan Berry Y Luke Denman, who were part of the suicide landing of the Operacin Outgoing, led by rebel military to the revolution. Several of them have denounced torture in prison.

Maduro also decided in October to suspend negotiations in Mxico between government and opposition, which under the auspices of Norway They have the support of the US and the international community. The excuse used was the same extradition of Saab, although in reality it is another of Chavismo’s diplomatic strategies, willing to stretch the talks over time.

A few hours before Maduro’s speech, the Department of State published a 2020 report in which it reveals “financial ties” between the military and Chavista leaders with guerrillas from the FARC and the THE N, whose sanctuary is Venezuela.

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