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Maduro asks the UN for the lifting of sanctions and expresses his support for Cuba

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Nicolas Maduro He appeared on Wednesday night – early Thursday morning in Spain – before the UN General Assembly to repeat the usual accusations against the US and the European Union and defend the Chavista regime in the midst of a political, humanitarian and economic crisis. The Chavista leader -which part of the international community, such as the US and the EU, does not recognize as the legitimate president of Venezuela- spoke on video, after weeks of speculation about whether he would go in person to New York to project his international image from the great UN platform. Finally, he did not do so, facing the threat of being detained by the US authorities at some point during his transfers, since an arrest warrant weighs on him since March of last year for drug trafficking and corruption. The then US Attorney General, William Barr, accused Maduro of running the so-called Flores cartel and announced a $ 15 million reward for information that could lead to his capture.

Maduro offered a speech very similar to the one he gave last year -also by video, like all the participants, due to the Covid-19 restrictions-, with the main demand that sanctions against the economy and against individuals and institutions of the your regimen.

«We ratify our demand that all criminal sanctions against the Venezuelan economy be lifted, against Venezuelan society, by the US and the governments of the European Union, “he said in a message lasting 20 minutes, almost half of last year.

Maduro, who the US authorities accuse of having enriched himself, along with senior officials around him, at the expense of his country’s natural reserves, said the sanctions are a “fierce onslaught” by European and American “elites.”

He did not miss in his speech a express support for Cuba, who will speak today in the General Assembly, and who Maduro has followed the script in this type of forum, focusing on economic attacks from abroad and with a portrait far from the reality of the social, economic and political situation within its borders.

Maduro, for example, defended cultural dialogue in his speech, while in his country those who disagree are persecuted and excluded or opponents are imprisoned and tortured. In turn, he demanded an “urgent, practical and verifiable” response to the polluting emissions that are behind the climate emergency, while within his country he promotes energy projects such as the Orinoco Mining Arc.

The Bolivarian leader did hold the political talks taking place in Mexico, in which part of the Venezuelan opposition participates, with the intermediation of Norway, Russia and the Netherlands. He assured that it is a “very important” dialogue that seeks that “the most extreme opposition sectors” return to “politics, the Constitution, the electoral path. We have achieved it”.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Spain, Jose Manuel Albares, has also held that process, which the Executive supports, and this week held a bilateral telematic meeting with his counterpart in the Maduro government, Félix Plasencia.

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