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Maduro celebrates the negotiations in Mexico with the presentation of the ‘superbigote’ sauce


The amateur announcer Nicols Maduro has taken control of his favorite program, ‘La hora de salsa’, to present to his audience the song that gives music to the adventures of his superhero self.

Nicols Maduro, during a press conference in ColombiaAFP

“With his iron hand he puts everything in its place!”. Carried away by enthusiasm, the amateur announcer Nicols Maduro He has taken control of his favorite program, The time of the sauceto present to his public the song that gives music to the adventures of his superhero self, the same one that fight against the empire and defeats him to “save” his people.

The sauce super mustachewhose fragment “with more swing” opens this chronicle, and the entire program have not only served the “people president” to celebrate his 60th birthday; it is also the best way he has found to celebrate the return to Mexico of the delegations of his revolutionary government and the democratic opposition. The date is already set: Saturday, November 26.

13 months have passed since Maduro himself ordered the withdrawal of his delegates, but it seems like several years after a constant carousel of tug of war. Chavismo and democratic opposition In this way, they return to the Aztec capital to sign the social agreement reached in a new international scenario, marked by the invasion of Ukraine by their main ally, the global energy crisis, and leftist hegemony on the continent. Without the confluence of all these factors, the Mexican negotiations would remain in diplomatic purgatory.

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The revolutionary government celebrated the release of the money blocked by sanctions with a masterful piece of propaganda to the greater glory of the “architect of peace” (Maduro), “together with our people and with Mahatma Gandhi”. In the Second Partial Agreement for the Protection of the Venezuelan People, it is detailed that “the rescued resources will go to reinforce the national public health system in equipment, infrastructure recovery, provision of supplies, vaccines and medicines for access; (in addition to) expanding and reinforce the electric power service, attention to a significant part of the school infrastructure and attention to needs derived from the emergency due to torrential rains, as well as food support programs.

In short, a good part of the public services destroyed by the revolution even before the arrival of Ripe to power almost a decade ago. Despite progress, the “win driver” he freely dispatched against his enemies (“extremists and terrorists”) during his radio program, released in 2016 but which has been broadcast intermittently in the face of the very serious crisis that Venezuela is suffering.

The cornerstone of the agreement reached with the opposition, with the facilitation of Norway, is how and who manages those funds to avoid what almost everyone fears: that the systemic corruption of Chavismo devours the nation’s funds again. According to national and international organizations and the closest economic advisors to Hugo Chavezthe revolution has embezzled more than 500,000 million dollars since he came to power.

“It is excellent news that we are working on at the Paris Peace Forum. We will continue to support this process to achieve concrete results for the benefit of the Venezuelan people!”, congratulated the French president, Emmanuel Macron, whose intervention was definitive to get the negotiating white smoke.

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“A very important step in the reconciliation of the country,” added the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The “people’s president” has not managed to free his “diplomat” Saab, but has forced the inclusion in his delegation of his wife, the model Camila Fabri, designated as a “human rights defender” by presidential mandate. It is unknown that she has any credentials in the matter, beyond the accusation that she suffers in her country, Italy, for money laundering.

“We welcome the return to dialogue, we hope that they work for the relief of the human challenges that Venezuelans face and free and fair elections,” the US joined the carousel of international reactions through Brian Nichols, his undersecretary of state.

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