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Maduro counterattacks: there will only be “free elections” without sanctions


The Bolivarian leader has taken the opportunity to attack a large part of the democratic opposition, which he describes as a coup plotter.

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  • Venezuela Anger in Chavismo for a grotesque video about Chvez and Maduro
  • Talks The opposition calls the agreement with the Maduro government “insufficient”

Nicolas Maduro has waited four days to clarify that the give and take of the negotiations in Mexico It has only just begun after the social agreement reached last Saturday and that there will only be “free elections” when USA and the European Union All sanctions have been lifted. The “architect of peace,” as Bolivarian propaganda now defines him, subordinates the dialogue to “see if they keep their word or not.”

“We want elections free of sanctions, therein lies the dilemma. That they remove them all to go to fresh, beautiful and good elections in the time determined by the constitution and the National Electoral Council (CNE)”, conditioned the “people’s president” in a triumphant tone, aware of the criticism within the opposition to an agreement that for the moment has not achieved political achievements.

The Bolivarian leader has taken advantage of his intervention to attack the unitary platform, that brings together a good part of the democratic opposition, to classify them as coup plotters, kidnappers, interventionists, progringos and terrorists. “They tried to assassinate me several times,” he insisted once more. without presenting a single piece of evidence.

In parallel, he has reported that he will launch an “inclusive dialogue table”, a strategy already known during his tenure, which is based on summoning collaborators or false opponents to build a conciliatory story for the international community.

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Both the US, the EU and the Spanish government have urged in recent days to continue the negotiations that lead to free elections for the 2024 presidential elections, something absolutely impossible now. Chavismo keeps disabled or has forced the exile of the majority of the opposition leaders, in addition to intervening the most important parties. The electoral referee remains under his control and the supreme court He is in charge of hitting with his judicial hammer whenever necessary. In addition, communicational hegemony and pre-electoral advantage are part of the electoral fraud that already caused Maduro to was not recognized by a large part of the international community.

“You failed, we defeated it, we crushed it,” the man gloated. “son of Chavez” while charging directly into the president in charge Juan Guaid, who responded hours later: “We are going to insist on an agreement even though they are a dictatorship. Venezuela needs a solution to the crisis”.

The opposition leader tries to be re-elected at the head of the National Assembly and of the presidency in charge next January 5, despite the fact that three of the four main opposition parties have already advanced their position against it.

Since the return of its delegates from Mexico, the Unitary Platform has explained to the country that the 3,000 million dollars that the security agencies United Nations they are going to invest in health, education and public services are part of the funds frozen abroad so that the revolution does not steal them.

“The sanctions against the dictatorship continue and will be maintained. The license granted to Chevron (US oil multinational) is for a finite time,” Guaid clarified.

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