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Maduro, in defense of Cuba and Nicaragua: “We are attacked for being an example of the tireless struggle against imperialism”


“The US conspires against the emancipatory processes of Latin America to stop the emergence of humanist and socialist processes”, the ‘son of Chvez’ boasted

The president of Venezuela, Nicol
The president of Venezuela, Nicols Maduro.Ariana cubillos placeholder imageAP
  • USA Biden prohibits the entry to the US of Daniel Ortega and his ministers
  • Cuba Archipilago, the dissidents who challenge Castroism

Nicols Maduro has come out in defense of the four Latin American revolutions after the last measures taken by the United States and in full onslaught of the countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) against the democrats.

“Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Venezuela; the ALBA countries are attacked because they are example of tireless struggle against imperialism. The US conspires against the emancipatory processes of Latin America to stop the emergence of humanist and socialist processes “, the” son of Chvez “boasted when only four days for the regional elections to take place in your country.

Elections that the US avoided defining as elections to use the same term, voting, used for the “pantomime” of the presidential elections in Nicaragua on 7-N. Washington, at the same time, yesterday maintained its commitment to the presidency in charge, with the opposition Juan Guaid at the helm, when the first year of continuity of the 2015 National Assembly is about to end.

“What world capitalism does not accept is the emergence of viable alternatives to its logic of exploitation and exclusion, that is why they are trying to crush them,” assured the “people president” only hours after the Cuban revolution prevented the day of civic marches for change. with the military and police takeover of the island and the harassment of members of the Archipilago Platform, dissidents and civil society activists. “Cuba is afraid of hearing the voice of its own people”, He criticized the government of Washington, which has shown itself willing to “continue looking for opportunities” to support the Cubans.

The administration of President Joe Biden went further in its pressure against the Sandinista regime after the electoral parody that gave a new victory to the caudillo Daniel Ortega and his wife, the co-president Rosario Murillo. The United States has prohibited the entry into its country of both and of its government officials, in addition to their spouses, daughters and sons. The measure also includes presidential personnel, police agents, paramilitaries, judges, prosecutors, mayors, vice mayors, political secretaries and operators of regulatory agencies.

Biden’s presidential order orders a “forceful response” to the “widespread impunity, persistent corruption and continued failure “to uphold the rule of law and human rights.

Apart from defending his allies, Maduro expressed his annoyance at Washington’s firm stance against elections that have European observers and in which The majority of the opposition participate, despite the lack of conditions. The Bolivarian leader even ordered all the candidates to repudiate the “interventionist declarations against Venezuelan democracy”, which for Maduro has “the electoral process of the only guarantees in the world.”

“They conspire against the elections because they do not want an antineoliberal alternative to be born. It’s a shame that he’s meddling in our affairs. That he thinks about the most reliable electoral system, with more audits, “said the president.

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