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Maduro secretly diverts a third of its diesel to Cuba to evade sanctions

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All secretly and clandestinely. The regime of Nicolas Maduro diverted to Cuba a third of the diesel it had received last week since the United Arab Emirates under the facade of “humanitarian” exchanges to evade sanctions, as confirmed by oil and diplomatic sources.

A Caracas Capital report prepared by consultant Russ Dallen, to which ABC had access, relates how the Venezuelan regime continues to supply fuel to Cuba, but this time under the cover of darkness. From the oil port of Amuay, Venezuela delivered some 159,445 barrels of diesel to the Cuban ship ‘Alicia’ bound for the port of Matanzas on the island.

The evasion of the sanctions imposed on the regime was confirmed by the ambassador of USA in Caracas, James Story, provisionally in Bogotá. “While Venezuelans suffer from a gasoline shortage, 30% of a fuel delivery (almost 160,000 thousand barrels!) That arrived in Venezuela went to Cuba on the ship ‘Alicia’. It is not the sanctions that divert thousands of barrels of fuel that Venezuelans need so much, “he said on Twitter.

“The vessel ‘Bueno’ had originally been filled in the United Arab Emirates in mid-April”

Consultant Dallen last week maritime tracked the trajectory of the ship ‘Bueno’ with its radars off. After leaving the Mediterranean, he appeared in the port of Venezuela’s Amuay refinery with 500,000 barrels diesel.

“The vessel ‘Bueno’ had originally been filled in the United Arab Emirates in mid-April. At first, it was called ‘Analipsi Lady’, but it changed hands, names and flag states quickly, ”the report says.

Iranian handling

Like the ‘Good’, the petroleum products freighter changed its flag outside Djibouti, suggesting that it was being handled by Iranians, They use these kinds of tactics: quick change of ownership, quick change of flag, using shell companies from the UAE. At the beginning of its journey, the ‘Bueno’ had to transit through the Suez Canal, leaving the Mediterranean and getting dark on May 10, shortly after passing Gibraltar. His final destination would be Lomé, which he would arrive on May 22, the report points out.

The Maduro regime decided to purchase fuel from Iran despite be prohibited, ignoring the sentences of last year for which the two countries are sanctioned. Because of this, they continue to transport the oil with the trackers off of freighters, a clandestine way of navigating international waters.

Companies like the Spanish Repsol, the Italian ENI and India Reliance still continue to operate in Venezuela with conditional licenses in the framework of oil exchanges for “humanitarian” reasons.

Scarcity in Venezuela

However, the diesel shortage the economic crisis and the transport of food from the countryside to the city have worsened. The crops are being lost, the producers’ unions denounce, warning of famines. The queues of trucks in front of the service stations are kilometers long since some take more than three and four days to refuel.

Venezuelan diesel consumption ranges between 35,000 and 49,000 barrels per day. Venezuelan refineries have the capacity to process 1.3 million barrels a day, but due to lack of maintenance and investment they have had to close. Now Venezuela it has to import fuel, despite being the country with the largest oil reserves in the world.

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