Friday, December 3

Maduro seizes the Venezuelan Parliament today in a fraudulent election

Correspondent in Caracas



The low turnout in today’s parliamentarians, between 15% and 27%, according to several polls, has prompted the Nicolás Maduro regime to reinforce electoral blackmail with vouchers and food to force voters to go to the polls, despite the fact that the resultsthey will not be recognized by the opposition or the international community.

The polling companies Datánalisis, Consultores 21 and Delphos coincide in warning about the reduced participation that the legislatures will have on an electoral roll of almost 21 million voters. Maduro will prove how successful his “arepa bozal” is and if it can exceed the minimum of 2 million voters.

Luis Vicente León de Datanállisis affirmed that the legislative ones will not produce any change or improvement in the status quo, but rather worsening and worsening of the complex crisis.

The main objective of the call is to liquidate the National Assembly led by interim president Juan Guaidó, according to the threats made by Maduro and his future deputies. The governmental United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) would be satisfied if it reaches an honorable figure. For Felix Seijas of Delphos: «the PSUV has the choice in its pocket. The challenge is to bring its 5 million voters to the centers. That’s what he works on. The phrase “if I lose the election I go” is easy to say today. Maduro seeks to mobilize his own. 6 months ago I would never have said it, “he said on Twitter.

The former Minister of Communication, Jorge Rodríguez, head of the campaign command of the PSUV and the Polo Patriótico, promised that in the elections there will be “surprises” referring to the figures that “would not be as low” as the pollsters predict. But the polling stations promise to look lonely despite the deployment of the Republic Plan under the control of the Army and more than 250,000 security agents to protect order and tranquility in more than 10,000 centers with the prohibition decree.

“I will not waste my time”

Maduro decided to reopen the borders provisionally, leaving this December free of quarantine and confinement as if the coronavirus were on vacation and returned to strike again in January. There are only 103,000 infected cases and almost 1,000 deaths throughout the year. He also ordered to open flights only to 4 countries: Dominican Republic, Panama, Russia, Iran.

Julio Crespo, a 56-year-old plumber who lives in the Chavista stronghold of Catia, assured ABC that he will not vote on Sunday. «It is useless to go that election because we do not know who we are going to choose. Only about 30 candidates of the supposed opposition, all unknown and sold will be deputies, of the 277 mainly Chavistas, it is not worth wasting time, “he said bluntly.

The profile of the candidates nominated by Maduro leaves much to be desired by voters. About 14,000 candidates have registered but the main ones are 16 soldiers (generals and colonels) sanctioned for being torturers, repressors and corrupt, former ministers, the wife Cilia Flores and their son Nicolasito.

Maduro has deployed the UBCH (Bolivarian Chavista Units) that control the list of holders of the national card and look for them in their homes so that they can vote. “I will give prizes to those who get the most votes,” he said. The UBCH apply the blackmail of not giving a bag of “CLAP” food to those who do not vote, as Diosdado Cabello threatened, sanctioned by the United States. Maduro also promised hams to those who will vote. For two Christmases, voters have been waiting for their piece of ham to be delivered.

Julio Crespo told ABC that today he will stay at home with his family, even if “the UBCH reds” will look for him, but he will go out to express his will on December 12 for the popular consultation, “we know that we will not remove Maduro the next day but the consultation is a way of protesting and giving our opinion.

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