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Maduro sent troops to protect his FARC allies




Nicolás Maduro protected his allies from the FARC-EP dissidents, the leaders Iván Márquez and Jesús Santich, in front of another group of Colombian guerrilla dissidents during the clashes that occurred last week, in the border state of Apure, due to their links with the drug trafficking business. This was stated yesterday by the interim president Juan Guaidó: “What happened in Apure, where two members of our Armed Forces died confronting irregular groups, is the consequence of Maduro’s protection against narco-terrorism in the national territory.”

The clashes between the guerrillas resulted from the control of the border state with Colombia, which has recently been under the control of aliases “Arturo” and aliases “Parley”, and unleashed a series of bombings, which began on Thursday night, and forced more than 3,000 Venezuelans to move towards Colombian territory fleeing the conflict. The balance of the confrontation was two officers of the National Guard killed and 20 people injured.

Both the sector of aliases “Arturo” and aliases “Parley” as well as that of Márquez and Santrich are fighting the Venezuelan zone for the income product of illegal businesses. What is happening now is a confrontation between two FARC structures in Venezuelan territory.

“Arturo and Parley consider that the other two are traitors for adhering to the Havana agreement and the Venezuelan Army – sent by Maduro – protects Márquez and Santrich,” the Venezuelan deputy and president of the border subcommittee, Gaby, explained to ABC. Arellano. For the deputy it is serious that the Chavista regime uses the arms of Venezuela to «defend the interests of these mafias.

Praised by Chavismo

The intervention of the Venezuelan Army aroused the ire of “Arturo” and “Parley” who attacked a military fort in Apure, several checkpoints of the National Guard and also the state office of customs and tax service. The Maduro regime published a statement ensuring that it is a “fight” against terrorism and paramilitary groups. And he assured that “one of the leaders known as alias ‘El Nando’ was killed, 32 individuals captured, six camps destroyed and weapons, ammunition, explosives, war supplies, vehicles and drugs seized.” In the letter, they only refer to “Colombian irregular groups” and omit details.

After the Peace Pact signed in Havana, Márquez and Santrich withdrew from the agreement and returned to arms in August 2019. Santrich would have moved to the La Guajira area (border) and took control of Venezuelan territory, under the protection of Nicolás Maduro. Iván Márquez in turn has been praised by Chavismo and has been invited by Maduro himself to events in Caracas such as the Sao Paulo Forum, held in July 2019.

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