Thursday, November 26

Maduro suggests that the new Parliament publicly judge opposition deputies




Nicolás Maduro has said that current opposition parliamentarians they must be judged by the next National Assembly. In the words of the Chavista leader, the new Parliament must begin an investigation when it is installed in January 2021 for “all the corruption, all the dolos, all the robbery of Juan Guaidó.” The proposal made by Maduro is that it be a public trial “with evidence in hand” against the interim president and the legislators who support him and who are the majority in the current Venezuelan Parliament.

In this way, the Chavista president has insisted that his victory will be imminent on December 6, the date that the legislative elections are scheduled, and to which the opposition has refused to participate because they consider them a fraud. Since 2015, the opposition has controlled Parliament and the 167 seats are renewed every five years, as established by the Constitution of Venezuela. However, for the electoral party that corresponds this year, the conditions for democratic, competitive and transparent elections are not guaranteed, as has been denounced by the opposition, the European Union and also Spain.

“We are going to raise this with the people on tours of the neighborhoods,” Maduro insisted in a political act that was broadcast on the state channel VTV. “Do you agree to a public trial in the new National Assembly for the deputies who robbed the country, who betrayed the country, who took money from Citgo (a subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela)?”

In August, the Chavista regime pardoned dozens of opposition deputies who were persecuted, while others were part of the extensive list of political prisoners in the country, whose immunity had been violated by the illegitimate National Constituent Assembly as part of the hunt that the Maduro government maintains against its detractors. Many of the deputies fled Venezuela and are in exile or in hiding.

Guaidó began campaigning for the popular consultation

For his part, Guaidó, who was recognized in January 2019 as the interim and legitimate president of the Caribbean country, has launched together with the rest of the opposition a popular consultation to ask the population if they reject the parliamentary elections and if they are in agreement. agreement with the «necessary steps before the international community to activate cooperation, accompaniment and assistance that allow us to rescue our democracy, address the humanitarian crisis and protect the people from crimes against humanity.

This Friday, the opposition leader began to campaign in the streets of Miranda, a neighboring state of Caracas, so that Venezuelans do not go to the elections promoted by Maduro and, instead, support him in ignoring the regime. “We have said it and we are not going to tire of repeating it, that of December 6 is not an election, but a wall. We are not going to lend ourselves to sham. The regime is going to do much worse what happened to him with the farce of May 20, 2018, “said the opponent, referring to Maduro’s re-election, an election that the international community does not recognize either.

The opposition plans to hold the popular consultation from December 5 to 12, in which it will also ask the population if they demand «the cessation of the usurpation of the Presidency on behalf of Nicolás Maduro and calls for free, fair and verifiable presidential and parliamentary elections. The three questions that the opposition will present will have the options of “yes” and “no”.

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