Monday, August 8

Magdeburg submit to Barça in the final of the Club World Cup

The Barça It is not infallible, no matter how well it has built over time that powerful and inaccessible image when it hits the track. The Magdeburg, the leader of the powerful Bundesliga, showed that sometimes he also has bad days, in which he is vulnerable (33-28). It was a painful teaching because he tested it in the final of the Super Balloon, as the Club Mundialito is known, which the Catalans dreamed of lifting for the sixth time, after winning the last three in a row. It was a major disappointment that leaves the first defeat of the ‘Ortega era’ and will prevent the Barça team from fighting for the plenary session in a season that had started with the Spanish and Catalan Super Cups, but Magdeburg was clearly superior.

The team of Carlos Ortega placeholder image in the final, but that was not enough for him against the excellent German team, less known than the Kiel, the Flensburg or the Rhine Neckar Lowen, the most common names in the Champions League, but with the same or more punch as demonstrated in the final played in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). The Icelandic talent Magnusson, a headache for the Barcelona defense (7 goals), and for the goalkeeper Yannick green, decisive with his interventions, especially in the second half.

High beat

The Barça accepted the proposal of Magdeburg, a round trip, played at a dizzying pace, with no room to take a break. This is how a first electric part was experienced, where the blows from one side and the other were followed by the right side of the Magdeburg, Magnusson, leading the German operations and Dika Mem established as the Barcelona benchmark (10 goals), with good support from Aleix Gomez (7). But the German team, who had a hard time settling down, took control of the game before the break (19-16) and in the second half managed to impose their physique and take the initiative with advantages of up to seven goals (32-25), which only the self-esteem of the Barcelona fans managed to reduce in the final stage, although no longer any options to fight for the title.

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Data sheetMagdeburg: Green (-), Chrapkowski (-), Magnusson (7), Petterson (2), Mertens (4), Gullerud (1) and O’Sullivan (1) -starting seven- Jensen (-), Preuss (1), Damgaard (4), Kristjansson (-), Hornke (1), Weber (5), Saugstrup (4), Bezjak (-) and Smits (-)

FC Barcelona: Pérez de Vargas (-), Ariño (1), Aleix Gómez (7), Fábregas (4), Mem (10), Langaro (2) and Makuc (3) -starting seven- Petrus (-), Zein (- ), Frade (-), Richardson (-), N’Guessan (-), Janc (1) and Ángel Fernández (-)

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